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Contact: Tom Whiting
Title: President
Phone: 970-874-0999
Toll Free: 888-321-0003
Fax: 970-874-7078


Coq de Leon
PO Box 100
Delta CO 81416
United States

The classc Coq de Leon strain of chickens from Spain, advanced genetically by Whiting Farms. Coq de Leon "Tailing Packs" for dry fly tails. Rooster saddles for tailing and our largest dry fly hackle. Especially unique are the "Pardo" pattern shoulder and saddle feathers which possess an intense, "buggy" speckling. Bargain-priced rooster capes have long, soft hackle for large subsurface flies. Six select-dyed bright colors available on rooster capes; especially good for steelhead and saltwater flies. Coq de Leon hen capes are excellent for mayfly wings, and intensely mottled soft hackle and streamer wings. Hen saddles and soft hackle/matukra pelts for the longest, broadest hen feathers.

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