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Phone: 844-482-2822


4547 Covenant Ct.
Gurnee IL 60031
United States

The new Tactacam camera has been built using the best electronics available.

Easy to use....Tactacam will turn on and record with the push of one button. Power on Auto record, you don't hold the button down to power on, just push. Push to start and push to stop at all times (on or off). Yes, it's that easy to operate.....

A good camera has to have a good lens and a good image sensor. The new Tactacam has both. Using the best lenses with a 12 megapixel sensor to record your hunt. Fisheye lenses push everything away making them not ideal for hunting. Tactacam uses a 60 degree lens this is very close to the view that we see with the human eye.

Tactacam is the best first-person hunting camera on the market. Designed for hunters by hunters. Share your Hunt!


Tactacam Jam

Double smack down on a Monster Wisconsin Whitetail

Tactacam founder Ben Stern puts a double smack down on a Monster Wisconsin Whitetail. Filmed with the new Tactacam 2.0 and Tactacam selfie lens. Selfie lens available and shipping November 10.

Dove Hunting with the Tactacam

Tactacam Promotional Video


Tactacam Hunting Camera

Easy to use, the Tactacam is a small, sophisticated video camera featuring an ultra-high-quality lens. But don’t let its simplicity fool you.
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