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Daniel Defense
101 Warfighter Way
Black Creek GA 31308
United States

Three years ago, if you were to ask what Daniel Defense is, one might get a series of, “I don’t knows.” Present day, Daniel Defense is known as the premier manufacturer of high-quality firearms, precision rail systems as well as other parts and accessories.

Daniel Defense has come a long way since their first rifle, the DDM4v1, was released in 2009. While the V1 is still a hot seller, it has evolved since the first serial number was engraved on the Daniel Defense lower receiver. The same advancements in the company’s flagship M4 can also be seen in other models such as the M4A1, MK12, V9 LW finished in Daniel Defense Tornado and the 6.8 Realtree AP — one of the offerings from their hunting line: Ambush Firearms.

While Daniel Defense has grown into a multi-million dollar company, they recall their roots and remain humble as the brand continues to flourish within the firearms industry. Make great products, put customers first, and always do the right thing:  That’s Daniel Defense!


Daniel Defense Target Drill

Dom Raso Tours Daniel Defense

Dom Raso is an NRA Commentator and host of Media Lab on NRA Freestyle Network. Dom tours the Daniel Defense manufacturing facility in Black Creek, Georgia.

Daniel Defense MK12 Drill

Daniel Defense Commercial



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