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Contact: David Rodin
Phone: 401-397-5500
Toll Free: 855-326-2771
Fax: 401-397-9191


Famars USA
2091 Nooseneck Hill Rd., Suite 200
Coventry RI 2816
United States

The Hummingbird, revered for its energy, intensity, and tireless determination as much as its unparalleled beauty, is gracefulness in action.  This wonderful creature, small in size but so elegant in flight, is biomechanically flawless. What a perfect creation to emulate here at FAMARS, with so many similarities to our life's own comitment. The hummingbird defies the physical laws of nature, seeming effortless, like the actions of one of our fine guns; smooth and perfectly balanced with attricbutes never seen before.  The innovators of modern gun mastery emulate one of creation's most beautiful marvels, the hummingbird - the only burd capable of hovering in place and instantaneously changing direction in flight, seeming to defy the physical laws of nature.  Like the patented droplock action of the Excalibur, operating flawlessly with seamless ease, the hummingbird puts so much energy into achievements which are virtually impossible; all the while making these feats appear easy.  

The master craftsmen at FAMARS have spent countless years developing something incredibly complicated and elegant, all the while maintaining an appearance of total simplicity. Like a fingerprint, each hummingbird and each FAMARS masterpiece is unique. The characteristics of the hummingbird are paralleled by the spirits of the master craftsmen and workmen here at FAMARS. We spend countless hours and an inordinate amount of energy to create functional, flawless masterpieces.It takes a meticulous eye and an open mind to truly comprehend and appreciate the incredible skill, focus, and tenacity nevessary to produce a Famars Best Gun, and now, our one of a kind, hhandmade knives.

Like a hummingbird, flawless in function and design, and elegant in its beauty, every FAMARS product qualifies as a modern marvel and a true testament to its owner for today and for future generations.

Luxury, with a purpose.


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