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Contact: Phil Levy
Title: Sales/Tech
Phone: 801-569-2763
Toll Free: 800-248-LUBE (5823)
Fax: 801-569-8225


PO Box 1466
West Jordan UT 84084-2808
United States

PrOlix is a penetrating solvent that has been developed over many years, used in industry, and rated the safest, most effective agent. Based on citrus technology (it has a pleasant, mild smell in contrast to petroleum based solvents), it is biodegradable and ozone-safe. The solvent seeks out dirt, oils, grime, etc. (even in small and impossible areas) and floats it away. The chemical action during cleaning develops the DRY lubricant and it is drawn into the pores of the material, creating a skin of protection.

PrOlix appears thin, but testing has proven that the retained optimum amount of necessary lubricant is provided. It will not wipe off during firing or flash burn. It will not build up, become gummy or discolor (competing petroleum products turn yellow or brown). PrOlix will enhance and protect any metal or finish it is applied to.

PrOlix is #1 in Total Gun Care. You can depend on PrOli. Made in the U.S.A.


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