G-Squared Shockmaster

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Contact: Michael Gregory
Title: Owner
Phone: 760-788-8888
Fax: 760-788-8887


G-Squared Shockmaster
1634 Parker Lane
Ramona CA 92065
United States

Since 1988 G-Squared has been producing the best shotgun recoil reduction system in the world. G-Squared’s Shockmaster® recoil reduction system will literally reduce the peak force of the recoil curve by 70% or more! The system is lighter in weight than it’s competitors, and because it uses air it is also softer than it’s competitors, is extremely durable and dependable, and will fully return faster than you can pull the trigger a second time...without a bounce effect. G-Squared also installs adjustable combs and adjustable recoil pads, does stock alterations of many kinds, as well as makes, fits, and polishes custom length spacers to order.

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