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Contact: Ron Groskopf
Title: Sales Manager
Phone: 307-672-8997
Toll Free: 888-373-0667
Fax: 307-672-8301


1967 W. 5th St.
PO Box 764
Sheridan WY 82801
United States

At BuckLunch, we are interested in helping you maximize the potential of your wildlife plot habitat. Therefore, we provide high quality, deer attractant sugarbeet seed and expert advice on planting and maintaining exceptional food plots. Our agricultural staff has many years experience and is eager to help you succeed!

Our sugar beet seed meets the high standards of commercial sugar beet growers, which means our seed has excellent germination, vigor and emergence characteristics. Provided with adequate moisture and nitrogen, sugar beets will grow well in almost any soil type. We also offer the option of treated seed. Treated seed is coated with fungicides (Apron and Thiram) that protect the seedlings from soil-borne and seed-borne diseases as they germinate and emerge. We also offer high quality seed blends that help meet your specific food plot needs.

Growing BuckLunch, if done correctly, will enhance your food plot and help you attract more big whitetail bucks.


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Buck Lunch Sugar Beet Field In Action

How To Plant Sugar Beets

Why Deer Love Sugar Beets


Buck Lunch Sugar Beet Seed

Buck Lunch Sugar Beet Seed is the highest-quality commercial-grade seed for growing nutrient-rich food that deer and other wildlife are looking for.
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