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Contact: Curt Fast
Title: Owner
Phone: 507-427-2221


Twisted Timber Treestands
38256 600th Ave.
Mountain Lake MN 56159-2117
United States

The Triple Axis Leveling Technology of Twisted Timber Treestands allows hunters to choose any tree to hang their stand. Now you can level your stand HORIZONTALLY, VERTICALLY and LATERALLY. No other stand on the market provides a hunter with such versatility. The adjustable mounting system on the base allows for off-center stand placement with rock-solid security. 

Twisted Timber Treestands are designed with the first and original non-screwing easy hang system. This system also allows you to place multiple hooks in your favorite spots to allow easy adaptability in the field. Oilite Brass bushings keep your stand lubed and quiet all seasons of the year. Extreme Platform Leveling Design provides you with 7” of vertical adjustment.

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