Lumenock by the Burt Coyote Company

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Contact: Curtis Price
Title: Pres.
Phone: 309-358-1602
Fax: 309-358-2602


Lumenock by the Burt Coyote Company
104 North Union
PO Box 165 (61572-0165)
Yates City IL 61572
United States

The Lumenok is a Lighted Arrow Nock that fits most popular arrows and crossbow bolts. It adds 15 grains to the weight of the arrow.

Lumen-Arrows are 100% carbon shafts that are hand squared on the nock end and fitted with the proper Lumenock to ensure ideal lighted arrow flight. They are matched within a few grains per dozen. They come in 300, 350, and 400 spines.

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