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Contact: Josh Johnson
Title: Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: 541-995-3702
Toll Free: 888-302-7768
Fax: 541-995-6370


Spot-Hogg Archery Products
125 Smith St.
PO Box 226
Harrisburg OR 97446
United States

Spot-Hogg Archery Products is in the business of making archers across the world successful, and business is good. What began as an idea to create a better release aid for a friend in 1987 quickly turned into numerous ingenious products that has made an impact on the archery world as you know it.

Spot-Hogg has come a long way from building our first product on a kitchen table, and current products have been on literally thousands of bows that are responsible for putting meat in the freezer, animals in the record books, and stacking trophies with hundreds of top finishes in the competitive world. With results like that, it’s no wonder why the best hunters and target archers in the world choose Spot-Hogg.

What makes Spot-Hogg so tough? Dedication to creating the very best archery products on the planet, period. Arrow rests, sights and releases that withstand the constant hammering of up to 20,000 arrows being fired from a single competition bow. Or the dedicated bowhunter who continually drags his bow through the worst conditions imaginable. Miles of hunting the frozen tundra of the north to the sweltering African plains, while continuing to produce the same results time after time, success. 

Spot-Hogg is a family owned business that takes pride in the statement: Made in the USA. We guarantee that you will not find a more accurate sight, arrow rest or release that will place you on the podium or on top the world with your hard earned trophy.


Spot-Hogg Bloody Buddy Broadhead Sharpener


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