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Contact: Jim Kempf
Title: President
Phone: 319-331-4700
Fax: 319-665-3700


3201 12th Ave.
Coralville IA 52241
United States

Scorpyd (Pronounced Score-Pid) Crossbows and Reverse Draw Technology are both creations of Crossbow innovator Jim Kempf. All of the crossbows produced by SCORPYD are made using the Reverse Draw technology created by Jim Kempf. SCORPYD crossbows have increased power, speed, and efficiency that you can’t get with regular Crossbows. SCORPYD’s Reverse Draw Technology crossbows have the highest overall Total Performance Ratings(TPR). TPR isn’t just speed ratings, it is the total performance of the crossbow.  Shoot-ability, speed, accuracy, noise, shock, vibration, trigger pull, trigger feel, balance, fit, finish… the total package.  

Our patent pending short travel S.T.A.G. trigger has the industries best rated pull at less than 3#, with no creep. Add to that a built in bolt sensor that makes it nearly impossible to dry fire, and ambidextrous safety that’s easy to reach, and you have the best of the best. Scorpyd Crossbows is the inventor of reverse draw technology crossbows. with numerous U.S. patents issued and many pending.


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