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Prime by G5
34775 Potter St
PO Box 59
Memphis MI 48041
United States

United we stand together to achieve our goal - to create the most accurate bows on the planet. Our ground-breaking Parallel Cam System™ of Prime™ Bows provide the superior balance of two string tracks combined as one, standing together to virtually eliminate cam lean. We combined this innovative thinking with relentless testing to produce high-quality products that set a new standard in accuracy and forgiveness. Products that are strong and reliable as the people who use them. We are the combined efforts of archers, engineers and designers determined to create balance in the world of accuracy.


2015 Prime Ion

The new 2015 Prime Ion; compact, light, and deadly accurate. This bow is a positively lethal charge of a killer combination.

2015 Prime Rival

The 2015 Prime Rival - it is fast, it is accurate, it is guaranteed to give you tighter groups at a longer distance. Is it an incredibly deadly hunting bow or the one to dominate the next outdoor tournament? Yes, it is.

2015 Prime One Series, MX & STX

The 2015 Prime One Series, MX & STX, have taken accuracy to its highest level yet. With the most demanding archers in mind this bow boasts the most adjustability ever found on the competitive circuit.



G5’s 2014 All-New G5 Prime Alloy Bow

The All New 2014 Prime Alloy provides the ideal blend of strength, weight, forgiveness and versatility to give you the ultimate edge on accuracy while keeping your pack light.
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