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Contact: Beth Lauderdale
Title: Marketing Manager
Phone: 205-664-6700
Toll Free: 800-653-3334
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Moultrie Products, LLC
150 Industrial Rd.
Alabaster AL 35007
United States

As the leaders of game management, Moultrie is known for products that are reliable, durable, top performing and affordable. We offer a full line of high-quality game cameras and wildlife feeders designed, tested and used by hunters, game management professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

With an insight for innovation, a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, we are driven to develop new and superior products year after year.

Moultrie is known as the number one feeder-selling company in the industry. We believe that's a result of our great products, superior customer service, and loyal customers.

Most importantly, our customers come first. We know you take hunting seriously, and that's why we provide warranties that really mean something. Let's be honest, a product is only as good as the company and people behind it. Call us and you speak with a knowledgeable, friendly person, not a machine.

Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor brands.


Get to Know Your Woods With The New Moultrie A-7i Game Camera

At a price that’s hard to beat and with the ability to capture images of even the most skittish bucks in the woods, the A-7i Game Camera will be an instant must-have for both new and previous Moultrie game camera users alike.
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Capture That Perfect Game Camera Shot With Moultrie Camera Candy

Moultrie’s all-new Camera Candy™ will have deer posing for your game cameras like never before!
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Enhance Your Property With Moultrie Food Plot Spreaders

With key improvements to an already strong line of high-quality, durable food plot spreaders, Moultrie has delivered what every property manager needs – a better solution for preparing food plots.
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Flexible Feeding Options With Moultrie's Dinner Plate Gravity Series

Moultrie’s Dinner Plate Gravity Series Feeder Kit has been designed to offer flexible feeding options, while eliminating the need for batteries or relying on electronic timers. No Batteries, No Timers, No Worries.
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Moultrie Products 15-Gallon Directional Feeder

Bring a little direction to your game management plan with Moultrie’s 15-Gallon Directional Feeder.
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Moultrie Products A-8 Game Camera

The all-new A-8 Game Camera from Moultrie is packed with new technology to improve a hunter’s scouting abilities season after season.
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Moultrie Products Feeder Hog Light

The all-new Feeder Hog Light from Moultrie reveals night time feeding like you’ve never seen before.
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Moultrie Products M-550 Scouting Camera

Moultrie’s M-550 packs innovative features into a practical mini scouting camera – all at a price that can’t be beat!
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Moultrie Products M-880 Game Camera

Moultrie expands on the popular M-880 game camera line, offering three models to cover all your scouting needs.
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Moultrie Products M-1100i No-Glow Game Camera

The M-1100i No-Glow game camera from Moultrie Products raises the bar on quality and innovation in the mini game camera market…Again.
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Moultrie Products Panoramic 150i Game Camera

With a 150 degree range, the Moultrie Panoramic 150i Game Camera revolutionizes the world of scouting cameras.
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