Season Summary: Updated January 13, 2017


Name: Kent Contreras

Date: Jan. 10, 2017

Location: Newport, Washington

Weather: Low temps will hit the single digits. Highs will be in the teens to low 20s by the weekend. Cloudy skies with more snow predicted.

Snow Cover: Winter storms have hammered the Pacific Northwest over the last week. We currently have over 20 inches of snow on the valley floor with more predicted by the weekend.

Water Conditions: Pend Oreille River has frozen over in many places. There is very little open water and most boat ramps are locked with ice and snow.

Feeding Conditions: OK — birds using the river now for most food sources.

Species and Numbers: Goose numbers have leveled off and the divers are in. Puddle duck numbers are low.

Migrations: Pretty much over with now, what we have in the valley now is going to be it unless the weather breaks.

Season Stage: Last month of the season.

Hunting Report: If you were able to find open water — you shot birds! Problem is getting there.

Gossip: Looks like the basin is the place to be right now.


Name: Jared Shepard

Date: Jan. 9, 2017

Location: Wenatchee, Washington

Weather: The forecast for the next 10 days shows a warm up on the way. Daytime highs in the 20s to 30s. Overnight lows in the teens and lower 20s.

Snow Cover: After the snow yesterday and last night, we have approximately 6 to 8 inches on the ground.

Water Conditions: Local ponds are completely frozen and ice continues to form in some of the shallow slack waters on the Columbia.

Feeding Conditions: Plenty of food is available in the form of alfalfa and grass along with corn to the east and wheat to the north. Canada geese in the area are continuing to eat grass in the local parks and high school football fields.

Species and Numbers: Lots of geese and divers remain in the area. Quite a few puddle ducks continue to hang out here in the valley too despite the latest snow.

Migrations: No notable migrations this past week.

Season Stage: Just a day less than three weeks remains in waterfowl season here. Regular season for duck and goose is open until Jan. 29, 2017. Just a reminder for those of you who are new to the area or in town for a short hunt: make sure to observe the selected goose hunting days of Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hunting Report: I would rate the hunting at this time as “good.” I haven’t received any reports from other local hunters recently.

Gossip: No gossip.


Name: Allen Riggs

Date: Jan. 8, 17

Location: Elk, Washington

Weather: The snow keeps falling. Temperatures are cold, highs are in the upper 20s and lows are in the single digits.

Snow Cover: Sixteen to 18 inches.

Water Conditions: Most bodies of water are freezing up or have frozen up.

Feeding Conditions: Lakes and slow moving streams and rivers are frozen over. Birds are crowding into open waters on large rivers to loaf and feed.

Species and Numbers: Canada goose numbers continue to increase with migration. Diver ducks are continuing to increase in numbers.

Migrations: Large numbers of Canada geese and divers continue to move in.

Season Stage: Twelfth week of the season.

Hunting Report: Hunting continues to improve with migrations.

Gossip: Goose hunting and diver duck hunting is good if you can get to the open waters.


Name: Chad Yamane

Date: Jan. 9, 2017

Location: Layton, Utah

Weather: We have been in a serious of storms with lots of snow and extreme cold, but the weather pattern changed and we are getting rain with warmer temps.

Snow Cover: The valley floor has 6 inches, even with the rain melting it. All fields are covered and food is hard to come by for the birds.

Water Conditions: Very little water left that isn’t frozen. Even a lot of the GSL has frozen over.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are left foraging on what they can find. Still lots of water on the GSL that birds can use feeding on brine shrimp eggs.

Species and Numbers: The only birds with notable numbers around are our resident geese, teal and spooners on the GSL.

Migrations: I’m afraid most birds have left for the season with our extreme cold temps we had last week. Between no water and them getting heavily pressured on what water was left open they left for better conditions.

Season Stage: One week left of duck hunting and a few more weeks for dark geese.

Hunting Report: Hunting has slowed down for duck hunting. If you aren’t the first one to get to an open hole there isn’t much left for you to hunt.

Gossip: Guys are already waiting for the snow to melt so we can chase spring snows. I’m still hoping we can shoot some resident honks before it’s over.


Name:  David Harper

Date: Jan. 11, 2017

Location: Boise, Idaho

Weather: Record weather this last week with lots of snow and cold temperatures, on a warm up now with the threat of flooding. Some rivers have been iced up in places and unsafe to hunt but now we are looking at temps near 40 and rain causing puddles and lots of open water except for the ponds and reservoirs that have hard ice in them.

Snow Cover: Lots of snow around but melting in areas, so some places are covered in water and some places are under 2 feet of snow still.

Water Conditions: Small rivers are running high now while other places are still frozen over. Conditions are dangerous in some places for both hunters and dogs to be.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are finding some feed in places that are windblown or starting to melt but the high amount of snow is making it difficult for birds to feed in many places.

Species and Numbers: Diver numbers are high on the Snake River and Boise River. Canada geese have held pretty high in the Treasure Valley, but some mallards have moved out.

Migrations: Some birds moving out now.

Season Stage: Three weeks left of regular season.

Hunting Report: The snake river and fields are the most productive places at this time.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Tailor Sponcey

Date: Jan. 9, 2017

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather: Highs near 40 with rain after a record breaking snow storm and 20-below temps last week.

Snow Cover: Four to 5 inches of slush after last week’s 17 inches.

Water Conditions: River and creeks are flowing heavy after the quick warm up with rains. Most fields have standing water as well.

Feeding Conditions: Birds were primarily feeding on the river due to large amounts of snow.

Species and Numbers: Mallard and wigeon numbers have dropped dramatically after the hard freeze. Divers are plentiful and geese have stayed fairly steady.

Migrations: Puddle ducks have moved south due to lack of feed sites. Some geese have left as well.

Season Stage: Three weeks left of regular season.

Hunting Report: The river is the most productive right now. Some fields are shooting well if you can get into them.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Travis Lyle

Date: Jan. 9, 2017

Location: Fernley, Nevada

Weather: We got major flooding going on right now. Had big snow storm then rain.  Stay off the rivers.

Snow Cover: Several feet in the mountains. Had about 6-plus inches on valley floor until the rain started.

Water Conditions: Bad. No telling with the flood right now. But I’m guessing there will be more ponds full.

Feeding Conditions: Corn and lots of it. Water came late for the marshes so not much out there. Have found some areas with wigeon grass and a little sago. Not much.

Species and Numbers: Lots of mallards around right now. Wigeons and teal in big numbers as well. Lots of big geese hanging about.

Migrations: We got ducks. Only migration is going to be when they leave now.

Season Stage: Game on, boys!

Hunting Report: To much pass shooting has caused lots of high fliers. What can you do? Try to find the X.

Gossip: Hunters are far and few between. Only hardcore duck gals and guys are the ones you are going to find.