Name:  Kent Contreras


Location:Newport, WA.

Weather: Mixed bag last week with rain showers and a slight warming trend. This week’s forecasts show more of the same. Partly sunny skies with morning fog. Temps will remain mild with highs in the 40's and lows in the 30's

Snow Cover: Snow has been slowly melting away. Valley floor coverage is going fast – bare ground showing up now

Water Conditions: Water levels continue to fluctuate as the dams release and hold back water – very high level now

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions are good due to the snowmelt

Species and Numbers:Those that are staying in the area are big Canada geese, divers and some puddle ducks. The biggest population of birds in the area is the diver species with some larger flocks of widgeon

Migrations:Nothing new in the area but with the warming trend I’d expect to see more birds coming into the area soon

Season Stage:The 2014-2015 waterfowl season closed

Hunting Report:Season Closed – Some Depredation hunts are scheduled for Oregon

Gossip:   Not hearing much from the Oregon hunters on outlook for the coming hunts


Name:  Travis Lyle

Date:  2-9-15

Location:Western NV

Weather:  60’s for a high, and low in the 30’s.  Well above average temps for this time of year.

Snow Cover: The Mountains got a little, mostly rain.  We will take whatever we can get right now.

Water Conditions: Bad. Water levels have come down and no end in sight, with above average temps water is going down.

Feeding Conditions: Its’the same as the water, little to none.  Been seeing some plots of widgeon grass floating around in a few areas.

Species and Numbers:  Snows are returning and a bunch of swans showed back up.  Lots more ducks showed up for the youth hunt.

Migrations:  The reverse migration is starting now.

Season Stage:  Snows start Feb 21st.

Hunting Report:  Youth hunt went good.  Kids got lots of shooting in.

Gossip:  The wives are happy again.