Season Summary: Updated January 20, 2017


Name: Rick Turch

Date: Jan. 16, 2017

Location: Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Weather: Average temps, cold!

Snow Cover: Around a foot.

Water Conditions: Frozen.

Feeding Conditions: Varies.

Species and Numbers: Good amounts of geese.

Migrations: Slow.

Season Stage: Closed.

Hunting Report: None.


Name: Richard Shamla

Date: Jan. 18, 2017

Location: Clara City, Minnesota

Weather: Sunny and clear with temps rising above freezing.

Snow Cover: Couple inches still present.

Water Conditions:  All frozen except the river.

Feeding Conditions: Remaining geese are feeding in the refuge corn fields.

Species and Numbers: Handful of Canada geese remain on the refuge.

Migrations: None.

Season Stage: Closed.

Hunting Report: Lots of coyotes being harvested. Fishing has been better this week with the warm up.  

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Greg Owens

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Location: Reno, Minnesota

Weather: Lows in the teens and highs in the 20s.

Snow Cover: The fields are snow and ice covered.

Water Conditions: Mostly ice covered.

Feeding Conditions: The birds are still able to find food and open water so they are sticking around.

Species and Numbers: We still have a few ducks, geese, and swans hanging out on the open water.

Migrations: None noted.

Season Stage: Closed.

Hunting Report: None.

Gossip: The ice fishing has been really good.


Name: Gerry Mazur

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Location: Perrysburg, Ohio

Weather: Mild with rain, temps will be near 50 through the weekend. Rain on and off.

Snow Cover: All snow is gone.

Water Conditions: Rain will increase the Maumee River levels and making it very dangerous with logs and broken ice flows.

Feeding Conditions: Plenty of food all along the I-75 corridor.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of mallards and reds along the MetroPark area. Goose numbers are good but they are staying where it’s safe.

Migrations: May have picked up some stragglers.

Season Stage: Ohio runs until Feb. 11 and the south Michigan zone opens this Saturday until Feb. 11.

Hunting Report: Very quiet here in the Lake Erie zone and the north zone. Lucky to see anyone laying in a field.


Name: Justin Bomia

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Location: Onslow, Iowa

Weather: Rainy with temps in the 30s.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Rivers are jammed up in areas with ice. Ponds are still frozen.

Feeding Conditions: Grain fields may have a little ice on them but areas are still open to feeding.

Species and Numbers: Still a few good pockets of geese around the rivers.

Migrations: None this last week.

Season Stage: All seasons are closed now.

Hunting Report: None.

Gossip: None.


Name: Kip Strickland

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Location: Baxter, Iowa

Weather: Warming after an ice storm the last two days, foggy and wet.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Most all water is frozen at this time.

Feeding Conditions: Dry fields are abundant.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of Canada geese in the area.

Migrations: None.

Season Stage: Duck seasons have been closed, Canada goose season closes Jan. 18.

Hunting Report: Hunters are killing fair numbers of Canada geese.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.  


Name: Hunter Parrish

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Location: Washington, Missouri

Weather: High in 40s and 50s.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Good — no ice after yesterday.

Feeding Conditions: Good. Fields are open and still full of food.

Species and Numbers: Tons of geese around here.

Migrations: Haven’t heard of any, possible they are coming back north with this warm up.

Season Stage: Late.

Hunting Report: Geese are still thick in our area. Weather determines when they fly in afternoons. Consistently flying in morning.

Gossip: Heard there are still a lot of ducks in north Missouri with the duck season being closed. Only seeing geese in my area.


Name: Ralph Harr

Date: Jan. 16, 2017

Location: St. Charles, Missouri

Weather: The weather has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride the last month. Extreme low temps to mid-60s then back down to low temps with freezing rain across the state.  

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Water conditions are good with little to no ice to contend with.

Feeding Conditions:  Feeding conditions are still good in the bottoms and will be for the remainder of the season.

Migrations: The migrations and bind movements have been a tough one to follow this season especially as of late. Birds and come and gone and are back again.

Season Stage: Final stage for Missouri waterfowl season.

Hunting Report: Hunting pressure has been low. Birds are spread out and scouting is the key.


Name: Shaun Patrick

Date: Jan. 18, 2017

Location: Troy, Missouri

Weather: Highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s. Temps will increase over the next few days.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Most water is open.

Feeding Conditions: Excellent.

Species and Numbers: Snow geese, numbers are increasing.

Migrations: Starting to see good numbers of snow geese moving into the area due to the warming temps over the last few days.

Season Stage: Late Canada goose season.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been difficult due to the changes temperatures and crazy weather with last week’s ice storm.

Gossip: Hoping with this weekend’s warm up we see a push back of snow geese and specks back into the area.


Name: Josh Beckham

Date: Jan. 16, 2017

Location: Montrose, Arkansas

Weather: Lows around 60 degrees, highs around 75 degrees.

Snow Cover: No snow/ice.

Water Conditions: Waste grain fields are holding plenty of water. River levels are falling.

Feeding Conditions: Majority of ducks in the area are feeding at night in waste grain fields. Geese are feeding in dry fields.

Species and Numbers: Mallards, pintail, gadwall, teal, specks, snows.

Migrations: Duck numbers increased with a strong southern wind and thaw early in the week but have since decreased with temperatures staying on the warm side. Speck and snow goose numbers remain high.

Season Stage: Third season.

Hunting Report: Harvest numbers have fell off tremendously across the area. Some groups have had a couple of great days in fields/woods that have been rested.

Gossip: Big rains will cover the area this coming week and will hopefully set up for new water and new ducks to end the season.


Name: Jay Hayter

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Location: El Dorado, Arkansas

Weather: It’s been 60s to 70s.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Elevated — some rivers are out of their banks now and flooding timber.

Feeding Conditions: Good. Still food left in the flooded fields and acorns in timber.

Species and Numbers: Mallards, gadwall, wood ducks.

Migrations: South winds brought some birds back north this week.

Season Stage: Heading into the last two weeks of the season.

Hunting Report: Overall it was good, birds were hitting the fields.   

Gossip: I swear the seasons get shorter as I get older!


Name: John Gordon

Date: Jan. 18, 2017

Location: Chatham, Mississippi

Weather: Too warm. It was running from 50s to 70s with heavy fog over the weekend.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Still low. It will probably remain that way through the end of the season.

Feeding Conditions: Good, aquatic vegetation, moist soil grasses, waste grains.

Species and Numbers: Mallards, gadwall, wood ducks, specks, snows.

Migrations: Nothing has come from the north, seems to be a push from the south.

Season Stage: Last two weeks of the duck season.

Hunting Report: Fair at best as the heavy fog kept birds grounded for most of the mornings.   

Gossip: It’s getting late, better get out and after them!