Updated November 30, 2015


Name: Casey Hopfer

Date: 11/23/15

Location: Richmond, MN

Weather: Highs in mid-30’s, lows in upper teens to 20’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: All small water is frozen, some lakes are still open.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are feeding in corn fields once a day in the mid-afternoon.

Species and Numbers: Decent goose numbers in areas with open water, very few ducks.

Migrations: Good numbers of migrating geese.

Season Stage: Late

Hunting Report:

Gossip: Small water froze up quick in the area, birds pushed through quickly. Hunting has been slow.


Name: Will Harvey

Date: 11/23/15

Location: Glenwood, MN

Weather: Cold this week. A high in the low 30’s for most of the week.

Snow Cover: Spotty. Some areas are pretty well covered and some have none. Not much more than an inch or two anywhere besides where there was some drifting.

Water Conditions: Variable. Small ponds are frozen; quite a few small lakes have also frozen over. Larger lakes are still staying pretty wide open.

Feeding Conditions: Good on all fronts. Crops are 100% harvested.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of geese and a few hearty late season mallards still around.

Migrations: We had a major push Thursday-Saturday morning. Lots of geese moving, seems like most of the duck migration blew over us. Doesn’t look like much for the rest of the week here, besides maybe some birds moving if their water holes freeze up.

Season Stage: Late season

Hunting Report: Hunting over the weekend was tough. Had a field with plenty of geese in it, but the first few flocks didn’t want to work, and before we knew it, there were huge feeds in fields on two sides of us. Didn’t take long for these new birds to group up and get smart!


Name: Ben Cade

Date:  November 24th, 2015

Location: Buffalo, MN

Weather: Cold and clear

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Smaller water has ice. Small to medium sized lakes are open.

Feeding Conditions: Excellent. Fields are out.

Species and Numbers: Some geese and mallards around

Migrations: There has been a noticeable increase with the cold temps.

Season Stage: Late season.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been hit or miss, some good shooting over water right now.

Gossip: A fresh blanket of snow would help out anyone looking to do some field hunting.


Name: Richard Shamla

Date: 11/24/15

Location: Clara City, MN

Weather: Cold and windy with highs in the 40’s and lows below freezing.  Snow possible this weekend.

Snow Cover:  None

Water Conditions: All small pods are frozen. Even larger shallow bodies of water are froze as well. Lac Qui Parle Lake is wide open as well as a couple holes birds have kept open.

Feeding Conditions: Waterfowl are feeding mostly in the afternoon in corn fields.

Species and Numbers: Geese and duck number jumped up quite a bit this past weekend with the stiff northwest wind.

Migrations: Major push or ducks and geese this past weekend

Season Stage: Duck season is in the last week. Goose season has a couple weeks yet.

Hunting Report:  Good duck and goose hunts were had as new birds came into the area and the weather was good.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Greg Owens

Date: Nov 23 2015

Location: Winona, MN

Weather: Lows in the 20’s and highs in the 50’s.

Snow Cover: Less than an inch.

Water Conditions:  Rising due to all of the recent rains.  Ice is forming quickly.

Feeding Conditions: There is a ton of natural feed in the closed areas of the refuge making it unnecessary for the ducks to leave this area.

Species and Numbers: Most of the ducks that were here have pushed out due to the ice. Almost all of the ducks in the area are hanging out in the closed area of the refuge and not leaving.

Migrations: Most of the birds are gone. There are a couple inches of ice in the weeds and along shore.  The backwater areas are mostly ice covered.

Season Stage: There is only a couple weeks of season left. This cold weather and ice will likely bring a quick end to water hunting.

Hunting Report:  We really don’t have much around for ducks on the big water anymore. They have moved to small streams and the open water areas of the closed part of the refuge. The guys who are field hunting are really piling the birds up right now.

Gossip: The walleyes are going crazy below the dams on the river. Most people right now are chasing deer, walleyes, or they are field hunting ducks and geese.


Name: Tyler Huettenrauch

Date: 11/20/2015

Location: Eau Claire, WI

Weather: Temperatures in the low 20’s at night and warming up to just below freezing by mid-day. Mostly clear skies and winds at 10mph from west/northwest and gusts up to 30mph during the day. Mostly clear skies throughout the day.

Snow Cover: Slight snowfall sporadically but nothing adding up on the ground.

Water Conditions: With freezing temperatures overnight and throughout the day small water holes are freezing over. Big water and rivers are plenty full and are staying open.

Feeding Conditions: Geese and ducks are moving from water to water in the morning, with what they can find otherwise just staying on the big water. Both ducks and geese are feeding in the afternoon mostly on cornfields taking in higher amounts of calories with colder weather approaching.

Species and Numbers: Goose numbers are constant and ducks numbers are decreasing with small waterholes freezing up for the most part.

Migrations: Lots of geese seen migrating though the area high with high west/northwest winds and cold temperatures, as well as flocks of swans and snows mixed in here and there. More ducks moving into area but still not substantial.

Season Stage: Northern duck ends on the 24th

Hunting Report: Birds are not flying the best in the morning so hunting fields for both ducks and geese in the afternoon is beneficial. With marshes being froze over hunting along the river can be successful for ducks and geese.

Gossip: Majority of birds are not here and duck is closed too early once again.


Name: Justin Weber

Date: November 24, 2015

Location: Cottage Grove, WI

Weather: Highs in high 40’s with lows in the 20’s.

Snow Cover: 2-4”

Water Conditions: Most back water ponds and marshes are frozen at this time. Finding open water isn’t too hard at the moment but will become difficult as season progresses.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are hitting freshly cut cornfields.

Species and Numbers: Lots of honkers around now which should make for ample hunting opportunities. Canvasbacks are in big time on the Mississippi. Mallards are in high numbers and will be until we get a hard freeze.

Migrations: A lot of guys in northern Illinois are reporting lots of new ducks. We definitely had our big push last week but hunting will still be good this next week. Geese are everywhere and there will be birds migrating and holding until we get lows in the teens for a couple of days.

Hunting Report: If you find open water you will find ducks! Hitting areas where you know there’s open water is a key right now. Geese are plentiful and easy to traffic hunt, with the snow on the ground. In my area this will be the easiest time of the year to kill geese; a lot of dumb birds around right now.

Gossip: Get out while you can, set a big spread, and watch the birds pile up!


Name: Gerry Mazur

Date: November 24th, 2015

Location: Stoney Ridge, Ohio

Weather: Sunny with highs in the lower 30’s. Little wind.

Snow Cover: Just a dusting here across the fields.

Water Conditions: Some skim ice visible in small ponds.

Feeding Conditions: Plenty of food with beans and corn down.  Also plenty of grass and no pressure.

Species and Numbers: Goose numbers vary on location. City birds are plentiful along with Bass Pro refuge birds.

Migrations: None

Season Stage: Lake Erie marsh zone and the north zone are open.

Hunting Report: A few birds being taken on private marshes to the east.


Name: Justin Bomia

Date: 11/23/15

Location: Dubuque, Iowa

Weather: 30’s for highs, 20’s and teens for lows.  Warming up at the end of the week

Snow Cover: 4 to 6 inches with more to the north

Water Conditions: Small water frozen now.  Might thaw towards the end of the week with higher temps.  Rivers are open.

Feeding Conditions: Snowstorm has made it tougher to feed.

Species and Numbers: Numbers of ducks and geese were good, now going down with tougher feeding conditions.

Migrations: Had a good push late last week ahead of the snow storm.

Season Stage: Mid to late season.

Hunting Report: Good hunts at the end of last week with the cold front.  Most of the ducks have moved down below the snow line for easier feeding.

Gossip:  Still birds around. Take the time to scout and it will pay off


Name: Kory Pohlman

Date: 11-22-15

Location: Hartford, IA

Weather: Upper 30s with lows in the teens.

Snow Cover: 4 inches

Water Conditions: Water levels up 5 inches.  No freezing

Feeding Conditions: Spending more time feeding in the fields with this last front.

Species and Numbers: Mid-size groups of ducks and seeing the abundance of geese.

Migrations: Seeing more new birds. Duck numbers increasing (mallard, spoons, teal)

Season Stage: Mid-season

Hunting Report: Getting glimpses of hope with the last front that hit Friday. It brought with it some new flocks of big ducks. Birds started to freshen up as well as the hunting fever!

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Brandon Geweke

Date: 11-24-2015

Location: Antioch, Illinois

Weather: Freezing temps. Lows in the 10’s and highs in the 30’s with high winds and snowy conditions.

Snow Cover: 16.5”, Blizzard conditions over the weekend. Made for hard hunting. This wet heavy snow drove a lot of our birds to the big lakes since all the small water holes froze up.

Water Conditions: About 2 inches of ices on small sloughs and ponds, lakes are still open and holding all the birds that are here.

Feeding Conditions: Late morning feeding and evening feeding. Been seeing birds feeding in all types of fields, hard to pattern right now

Species and Numbers: Lost a lot of birds with this last snow storm, hoping with the weather warming back to the 40’s will bring some birds back and hold any new birds that migrate in here.

Migrations: This past week we lost a lot of birds, haven’t seen much move into the area.

Season Stage: This weekend marks halfway through regular season.

Hunting Report: Fair with not many ducks or geese around.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Ryan Eder

Date: November 23, 2015

Location: Lindenhurst, IL

Weather: Significant temperature drop, below freezing and 10 inches of snowfall.

Snow Cover: 10 inches

Water Conditions: Starting to freeze up, only big water open or river with current.

Feeding Conditions: Still food available but snow covered.

Species and Numbers: Weather pushed several birds out of area, saw less ducks and geese this week.

Migrations: With the weather push, not seeing high activity.  Last two days geese are being seen flying overhead in large groups again.

Season Stage: 7th week

Hunting Report: Last week shot a 4-man limit of geese, and saw several ducks.  This week, minimal bird activity.  Weather has pushed birds out, but still a lot of birds up north so expecting more to come through.

Gossip: Up north has experienced cold, snow and ice as well. Birds should continue to push, and with upcoming warmer temps, we expect a lot of birds in the area by weeks end.


Name: Shaun Patrick

Date: 11/25/15

Location: Troy, MO

Weather: Highs in the 50’s lows in the 30’s.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Good, we locked up Sunday due to the wind dropping off.

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers: Gadwall, mallards, and spoonies. We have good numbers in the area, about average for this time of year, however most are stuck in the refuges.

Migrations: We had a small push late last week; it seems with north winds, we have new birds coming into the area.

Season Stage:  Early

Hunting Report: Hunting Saturday was good, Sunday we locked up and had to put a little work in due to not having the ice eaters ready to go. We have large amounts of gadwall in the area at the moment, and that is the bird most guys are shooting the most of.

Gossip: C’mon down greenheads!!!!


Name: Ralph Harr

Date: 11/22/15

Location: Corning, AR

Weather: Sunny with high winds north/northwest.

Snow Cover: N.A.

Water Conditions: Waterways right.  A lot of rain had fallen earlier in the week taking the Black River out of its banks flooding all of the timber

Feeding Conditions: Great. Mix of acorns and rice.  Heavy on the rice

Species and Numbers: A lot of mallards have already made their way down and a good amount of green-winged teal still remain in the area.

Migrations: It would have appeared from the little amount of time I was in the area that they picked up a significant amount of birds in the last week or so.

Season Stage: Opening weekend

Hunting Report: Hunting was good with a lot of opportunities for everyone to shoot. Birds worked well and responded to calling. Sunday was quite a bit slower on bird movement throughout the day.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: James Staten

Date: November 25, 2015

Location: Russellville, Arkansas

Weather: Cool and sunny.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Low water conditions. Most of the rain is soaked into the ground. Private lands are being pumped and public grounds have the boards in. Rain is expected this week.

Feeding Conditions: None

Species and Numbers: A fair amount migrating specks and snows flew ahead of the front last weekend.

Migrations: Very few

Season Stage: Season opened last weekend.

Hunting Report: Hunting was fair, local wood ducks and some gadwall and GW teal made up the bag.

Gossip: We need to have a strong front to push mallards down.


Name: Jay Hayter

Date: 11/23/15

Location: El Dorado, AR

Weather: 30-50s

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Normal but rising, more rain in the forecast for Friday.

Feeding Conditions: Decent, fields are harvested and ducks and geese are finding them.

Species and Numbers: Mallards and gadwalls

Migrations: None observed, we need a push from the Arctic.

Season Stage: 1st week

Hunting Report: Average success, not a stellar opener.

Gossip: Not many mallards around yet, a by-product of the warm conditions.


Name: John Gordon

Date: 11/23/15

Location: Chatham, MS

Weather: We finally received a front cold enough to generate a frost. This is highly unusual, normal conditions would have produced at least five nights cool enough to do this by now.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Good, another two inch rain has water levels at decent levels in the area.

Feeding Conditions: Solid as well, plenty of waist grain available for feeding in the fields.

Species and Numbers: Only local wood ducks and gadwalls are around.

Migrations: More gadwall made their way into the area over the weekend.

Season Stage: Opening day is Friday!

Hunting Report: N/A

Gossip: The Bulldogs pulled out a great road victory over Arkansas on a blocked field goal attempt.


Name: Jacob Bailes

Date: 11/23/15

Location: Columbia, LA

Weather: Highs mid-60’s lows in 30’s.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Flood water backed up into green timber.

Feeding Conditions: The ducks have stopped feeding on acorn and rice and started eating STEEL!

Species and Numbers: Tons of green-wings, mallards and specks arrived with cold front.

Migrations: Lots of big ducks and snow geese. 

Season Stage: First week of the season. 

Hunting Report: Opening weekend my groups harvested 112 ducks.

Gossip: Mopping up the green heads here in Louisiana boys!