Name:Will Harvey


Location: Glenwood MN

Weather:Ice Storm.

Snow Cover: Very little. Currently getting some ice cover though!

Water Conditions: Froze

Feeding Conditions: Icy

Species and Numbers:  None

Migrations: Walleyes and pan fish are beginning to migrate toward their spawning grounds.

Season Stage:Closed

Hunting Report: Heard of some people coyote hunting with little success. Hard with little to no snow.


Name:  Richard Shamla

Date: 02-10-15

Location: Clara City MN

Weather:  Cold and windy with highs in the single digits.  We had a fresh coating of freezing rain that came through the area in the past tow days.

Snow Cover: Couple inches

Water Conditions:  Most water is frozen except the river and just above the dam on Lac Qui Parle Lake.

Feeding Conditions: The remaining geese and ducks are feeding in cornfields around the refuge.

Species and Numbers: Couple hundred geese and a few ducks remain on the refuge.

Season Stage:  Closed

Hunting Report:Not much activity and even coyote hunting has been slow.

Gossip: Ice Castle ice fishing tournament was held this past weekend and close to two hundred fish were caught.  Fishing has slowed down but can still be good depending on the weather.


Name:  Greg Owens

Date:Feb 10 2015

Location: Rochester, MN

Weather:About normal for this time of year.

Snow Cover: about 5”

Water Conditions:  Everything is frozen up except the rivers through town.

Feeding Conditions:  There is still plenty of food around.  

Species and Numbers:  We have quite a few Ducks and Geese hanging out around town. And with no hunting pressure, the birds that are still here will probably stay here through the winter.  The huge wintering flocks of Mallards are feeding in the area now. These birds always show up after the duck season closes, and they usually stay here all winter as long as they can get food.

Migrations:  None noted.

Season Stage:The season is closed now.

Hunting Report: N/A.

Gossip:  Ice fishing is tougher now than it was.  But it’s still more fun than sitting on the couch all day.