Name:Kirk Steffensen

Date:February 11, 2015

Location:Lincoln, NE

Weather:Highly variable, we are either in unseasonable warm or cold.  Normal and steady temperature don’t seem to occur.

Snow Cover: A little but most everything is back open.

Water Conditions: Breaking apart again, a few more warm days and most water will be open.

Feeding Conditions: Good, birds feeding back in cornfields.

Species and Numbers:Good numbers of geese back on Salt Creek with lots and lots of ducks.

Migrations:Reverse migration occurring with south winds.

Season Stage:All seasons are closed, waiting for snow geese to show back up in numbers.

Hunting Report:Fair end to the season, poor wind and highly pressured birds equaled limited success.


Name:Jared Shepard       


Location:Scottsbluff, NE

Weather:Warm weather is sticking around….longer!!! Temps are expected to stay in the 50’s and 60’s all week with overnight lows only dropping into the 30’s.

Snow Cover: NO SNOW!

Water Conditions: The water level is stable in the river and at a good depth and speed for hunting. Most local lakes and ponds are now open again.

Feeding Conditions: Lots of corn and beans are available for the ducks and geese.

Species and Numbers:Only a few random flocks of lesser snows have been spotted hanging around the area in fields and on ponds but it’s still early.

Migrations: The spring snow goose migration has begun!

Season Stage:The spring light goose conservation season is ON!

Hunting Report: No birds have been taken yet to my knowledge.

Gossip:Rumors of an early snow goose migration are true. Birds have been spotted flying the river to the west but not many sticking around to rest yet.