Updated November 20, 2015


Name: Mike Clement

Date: 11/17/15

Location: Devils Lake, ND

Weather: Mid 30’s/Upper teens

Water Conditions: Fair

Feeding Conditions: Ducks and geese have been feeding mainly in corn fields.

Species and Numbers: There are still birds around with the unseasonably warm weather. I have seen a few feeds of over a couple thousand ducks and a few fields with around 1000 geese. Snow geese are still around but with a cold front coming in they shouldn’t be around to much longer.

Season Stage: Late

Hunting Report: There are still good feeds around with the warm weather and water staying open. This week birds will start moving to lakes and large sloughs with temperatures in the teens, smaller sloughs will be pretty well frozen over by the end of the week. Hunting pressure has lightened, I saw very few hunters compared to the weekend before. There should still be good feeds of mallards and honkers around for a couple weeks still.


Name: David Ortley

Date: November 17, 2015

Location: Kalispell, Montana

Weather: What was forecast to be the start of winter did not materialize!  No snow or significant rain in the lower elevations. Temperatures have remained in the 40’s during the day and have hovered just above freezing at night.  We had one hard frost but it did not last. The outlook continues to call for cold wet weather but it has not shown its face.  Winds have been very strong from the south with high wind warnings. The rest of the week is supposed to get increasingly cold but only just below freezing with highs in the low 40s.

Snow Cover: We have no snow on the valley floor. Higher mountain elevations are getting snow and some remote areas have a few inches of wet snow on the ground.  .

Water Conditions: The lake level has once again begun to drop. The lack of rain has triggered a slow return to a slow river current which is normal for this time of year.

Feeding Conditions: The absence of snow has allowed continued filed feeding under optimal conditions.  Lots of food.

Species and Numbers: Duck numbers still have not increased over the week.  We are seeing a few pockets of ducks but no large flocks to speak of. Still plenty of geese moving in growing flocks.

Migrations: There was no noticeable migration of birds in or from the valley in the past week. Reports indicate some evidence of increased activity but it does not appear they are migrating birds. Not likely to change without lots of drastic temperature change.

Season Stage: This is the start of the eighth week of our season.

Hunting Report: Hunting continues to be slow for duck hunters. Goose hunters continue to do well although there is not much pressure.  By now the rut is in full swing but not this year. Elk and deer harvest is down considerably. Until we get snow the critters have the advantage.


Name: Kirk Steffensen

Date: November 18, 2015

Location: Bennet, NE

Weather: Seasonable temperatures in the mid-50’s and overnight lows in the mid to upper-30’s.  We’ve received a couple inches of rain the past several days with thunder storms and tornados in the area.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water conditions are good throughout the area.

Feeding Conditions: Harvest is almost completed, the majority of soybeans harvested and field corn now being picked.

Species and Numbers: Low numbers of puddle ducks in the area with a few groups of divers and specks showing up.  A couple flocks of snow geese have been seen.

Migrations: Little to no migration occurring, some divers moving into the area but not many.  No reports of any geese in the area.

Season Stage: All duck and goose zones are open.

Hunting Report: Slow, late last week was disappointing with the major lower pressure system moving through the area.

Gossip: Heard reports of lots and lots of birds still in Canada.


Name: Spencer Holzfaster

Date: November 16, 2015

Location: Platte, NE

Weather: Sunny 50 degrees light winds.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Rivers, lakes look great! Great water everywhere.

Feeding Conditions: Harvest is almost complete which means with the weather turning cold the feeding conditions are golden! The birds will continue to use their main water sources along with feeding in the picked corn.

Species and Numbers: More and more birds are showing up in the area. There is still a fair amount of birds on the Sandhill’s lakes and ponds. Hopefully with this next cold front we will get a good push.

Migrations: Fair, hopefully with the cold setting in Tuesday. There will be another little push.

Season Stage: Beginning

Hunting Report: Been out several times and had average hunts.

Gossip: None


Name: Jared Shepard

Date: 11/17/15

Location: Scottsbluff, NE

Weather: Cooler weather strikes as a strong cold front moved in last night. High’s this week are expected to reach the upper 40’s with mild overnight lows in the low 20’s.

Snow Cover: Just a dusting.

Water Conditions: The N. Platte River seems to have reached a stable level that is ideal for hunting! A good breeze this past week has kept all area ponds open for the meantime.

Feeding Conditions: Pretty much the same as last week. Corn is still coming off and cover crop continues to be planted. Winter wheat is greening up nicely. Plenty of food is available for the ducks and geese!

Species and Numbers: Mallards, wigeon, pintail, spoonies, and teal are now in the area! Mallards are here in strong numbers for the first big push of this season. We also have a lot of new geese with midcontinent and lessers arriving recently.

Migrations: Riding the front of this recent weather change was a ton of ducks and geese! The first big migration occurred yesterday and last night into this morning!

Season Stage: Duck, dark goose, white-fronted and light goose regular season are now open. Pheasant season is also now open.

Hunting Report: The hunting report is excellent at this time! Lots of new ducks and geese who are not familiar with the safe zones have arrived in the area!

Gossip: None at this time but I’m sure I’ll hear some soon…


Name: Nick Lisec

Date: 11/17/15

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Weather: Mid-50’s for the high and low’s in the mid 30’s 40’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: We received over 2” of rain the past 24 hours.

Feeding Conditions: Few fields remain with crops in them.  This heavy rain that we just received will certainly keep them unharvested for quite some time.

Species and Numbers: Puddle ducks and teal at this point.

Migrations: A west to east front rolled through yesterday that produced a lot of rain.  I expect the next 72 hours to produce some new birds in the entire state of KS.

Season Stage: All zones are open in the state.

Hunting Report: We are at the beginning stages of the season but off to a decent start for some.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.