Season Summary: Updated January 13, 2017


Name: Mike Clement

Date: Jan. 10, 2017

Location: Devils Lake, North Dakota

Weather: Lows in the negative single digits, highs in the single digits.

Snow Cover: Yes.

Water Conditions: Abundant water conditions. Most lakes with about 18 inches of ice.

Species and Numbers: Season is now closed on all species.


Name: Kirk Steffensen

Date: Jan. 11, 2017

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Weather: More extreme variable weather patterns. Weather has been seasonable with daytime highs in the mid-30s to lower-40s with overnight lows below freezing.  However, another low-pressure system is moving into the area and will drop daytime temperatures into the mid-20s with overnight lows around zero.

Snow Cover: A little snow remaining.

Water Conditions: Frozen. Ice is pretty stable as ice fishermen are venturing out on area lakes and ponds.

Feeding Conditions: Great. Crops are harvested with no snow on the ground.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of Canada geese in the area, but they have gathered up on open water.

Migrations: Nothing.

Season Stage: Local duck season is closed with goose zones are opened through early-February.

Hunting Report: Good hunting when you can find a feed and get permission.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.