Updated November 30, 2015.


Name: Bill Dougan

Date: November 23, 2015

Location: Cochrane, Alberta

Weather: Temperatures will be ranging from lows of -12°C to highs of +2°C. Mostly cloudy for the first part of the week with flurries and moderate winds. Sunny and warmer later in the week

Snow Cover: Northern areas have a little bit of snow cover and the southern areas may get some snow flurries thru out the first part of the coming week.

Water Conditions: A lot of water is now frozen up thru out most of the province still some of the bigger rivers are open such as the Bow River.

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions will be hard for the birds with all this snow

cover in the northern areas and frozen ground.

Species and Numbers: A lot of birds still in the southern areas around Dewinton areas and further south.

Migrations: With the northern parts of the province frozen up and with all this snow cover a lot of birds have moved south.

Season Stage: We are just starting our eleventh week of the season which opened on September 8.

Hunting Report: Guys are still having some good duck hunts where the rivers are still open and still good numbers of geese in areas south of Calgary off the bow river.

Gossip: The hunting in northern Alberta and in the Edmonton area was awesome this year, hunting in the southern areas was ok but not great.


Name: Chris Stoddart

Date: November 22, 2015

Location: Lanark, ON        

Weather: Mixed weather all week; daytime average 42 F; nighttime average 32F.

Snow Cover: Nil

Water Conditions: All waters remains open.

Feeding Conditions: Ducks are using all water systems.

Species and Numbers: Excellent numbers of Canada geese; good numbers of mallards, ring-necks, and a few wood ducks and teal still remaining.  Divers increasing weekly.

Migrations: A lot of migrant ducks have just hit the region.

Season Stage: 10th week

Hunting Report: Hunting has been excellent for geese, good for ducks when you can find the X.

Gossip: Ontario’s deer gun hunt finished; good to moderate results in the farm land region; hunters reported seeing a lot fewer in the big bush.  Slower hunt for most. Enjoyed seeing my 13 year old Chessy make some of her last retrieves before she fully retires. Ice is coming soon.


Name: Ray St. John

Date: Nov 22, 2015

Location: London, ON

Weather: Unseasonably warm sunny weather this past week. Cold weather on the way.

Snow Cover: 1-2inches of the white stuff.

Water Conditions: Water levels are average for this time of year.

Feeding Conditions: Excellent feeding conditions. 95% of cash crops off. Plenty of food until snow gets too deep.

Species and Numbers: Canada goose numbers are excellent. Waiting for 2nd wave of ducks after freeze up north of here.

Migrations: Peak numbers for this area. Migrators are happy to stay until freeze up.

Season Stage: Regular season for ducks and geese

Hunting Report: Warm weather made hunting tough again this week. Snow on the ground should help.

Gossip: None.


Name: Angelo Casbarro

Date: November 23, 2015

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Weather: Temperatures have been ranging from -4°C to 10°C over the past week.
Snow Cover: Some areas have north of the city have received small amounts of snow.

Water Conditions: All water is open.

Feeding Conditions: Most crops have been harvested. Corn crops are now starting to come off.

Species and Numbers: Geese are plentiful and duck numbers are steadily increasing.

Migrations: The migration is just starting. The season appears to be approximately two weeks behind schedule.

Season Stage: Both duck and goose seasons are open.

Hunting Report: With corn starting to come off, the birds have multiple food sources. Scouting is a key to success.

Gossip: With the recent cold snap, the geese are flying to the fields much later. Be patient and you will be rewarded!


Name: Mike Hungle

Date: November 23, 2015

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Weather: Winter is slowly sneaking into the prairies as there were some cold days in the past week with some snow flurries. This week’s forecast calls for most days below the freezing mark, but there is a warming trend mid-week and towards the weekend where daytime highs will exceed the freezing mark.

Snow Cover: Snow cover is variable across the south, ranging from none to an inch or two in some of the north central areas.

Water Conditions: All small potholes and sheet water areas are frozen over. Some of the bigger water areas are frozen, but all the big lakes are wide open.

Feeding Conditions: Great. 99 % of agricultural crops have been harvested with some flax and oats fields remaining unharvested.  There are lots of pea and lentil fields and a mix of wheat and barley fields. Many fields also have secondary green growth.

Species and Numbers: There are pockets of Canada geese and mallards in areas with open water.

Migrations: It appears as all the snow geese and smaller species of ducks are gone.  All that remains is pockets of Canada geese and mallard ducks.

Season Stage: 3rd month of the season.

Hunting Report: The birds are still very sporadic in their feeding patterns and many are feeding during the mid-day period.

Gossip: The weather is still relatively mild and some good late season hunts are possible.