Name:Bill Dougan

Date: December 15, 2014 

Location:Cochrane, Alberta

Weather:Temperatures will be ranging from lows of -5 to highs of +1. Mostly sunny for most of the week and light winds.                          

Snow Cover:Northern areas have a lot of snow cover. The southern areas of the province have bared off with the mild weather over the last week.

Water Conditions:A lot of water is now frozen up thru out most of the province still some of the bigger rivers are open such as the Bow River.      

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions in the southern areas around Calgary are good for the birds as a lot of fields are bared off with very little snow on the ground.

Species and Numbers: There are a lot of birds still in the southern areas of Brooks and Bassano.

Migrations:Still some birds in the southern areas but a lot of birds have moved out of the province.

Season Stage:We are just starting our last week of the season which opened on September 8.

Hunting Report: Hunting has improved in the southern areas around Brooks with the mild weather opening up the fields.

Gossip:  The hunting in northern Alberta and in the Edmonton area was awesome this year. Guys are starting to gear up for the upcoming spring snow goose hunt starting in March 2015.


Name:  Chris Stoddart

Date:December 15, 2014

Location:Lanark, ON

Weather:  warmer average high -2; average low -7

Snow Cover:  3-4 inches

Water Conditions:  most ponds and small lakes have frozen in non-current areas

Feeding Conditions:  The few remaining geese are feeding in freshly cut cornfields

Species and Numbers:   Most ducks and geese have left the area as most roost area have frozen. 

Migrations:  Most waterfowl have migrated out of the region, bit open rivers are still holding moderate numbers of geese and a few diver ducks.  There are some large flocks of greater snow geese roosting on some of the big rivers.

Season Stage: Late season

Hunting Report:  Birds are very educated.