Season Summary: Updated December 8, 2016.


Name: Chris Stoddart

Date: Dec. 4, 2016

Location: Lanark, Ontario

Weather: Milder weather early in the week, but much colder temperatures on the way.

Snow Cover: Snow cover, but melting.

Water Conditions: Non-current areas opening up again.

Feeding Conditions: Canada geese are feeding primarily in corn fields, ducks are keeping to big open water (current areas).

Species and Numbers: Numbers are dwindling, have not found a lot of ducks lately to target, but did see one large flock of blue-bills.

Migrations: The 8 inches of snow last week probably pushed out half of the geese, but there are still huntable numbers in the area. A good group of mallards have migrated into the area from the north, hopefully they will stick around.

Season Stage: Late season.

Hunting Report: Hunting remains poor for ducks. It has been good for Canada geese

if you can get on the “X.”

Gossip: Saw the first speckle-belly goose in eastern Ontario. Also spotted a Canada

goose with a white head while scouting.


Name: Brody Edmondson

Date: Dec. 4, 2016

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Weather: Still milder seasonal weather (-5 to 1 C)

Snow Cover: Snow covered.

Water Conditions: Large bodies are still open. Sheet water and small roosts are all frozen.

Feeding Conditions: Most crop is under snow.

Species and Numbers: The odd resident goose is hanging around, but 99 percent of birds

are south.

Migrations: All birds have migrated south.

Season Stage: Over.

Hunting Report: None.

Gossip: First year I’ve been hunting where I wish our season was extended.