Season Summary: Updated October 27, 2016


Name: Eric Bartlett

Date: Oct. 23, 2016

Location: Hollis, Maine

Weather: Rain and cold temps.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Cold, and rising due to ample rain.

Feeding Conditions: Rain creating flooded fields has opened up some new feeding areas but still plenty of acorns to be had everywhere.

Species and Numbers: We only looked a little and saw a few ducks buzzing the area.

Migrations: Ducks and geese are pushing through and just had a full moon I feel a lot moved through the night.

Season Stage: We are in the split with still some time to wait.

Hunting Report: Although we expect to see fluctuation in duck numbers flocks pop up here and there but it is still nice to see consistent numbers. With recent heavy rain the birds have scattered a bit making it tougher to pin down groups.

Gossip: Next week we will be dawning the orange in efforts to chase whitetail so waterfowl will take a back seat for us. However, eyes will be open awaiting the opener after the split.


Name: Mike Bard

Date: Oct. 25, 2016

Location: Montezuma, New York

Weather: Record setting rains late last week along with northwesterly winds and colder temps into this week.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Marshes and swamps are being filled by recent rains, lakes and rivers are up with flooding in some areas.

Feeding Conditions: Good and improving.

Species and Numbers: Geese and smaller puddle ducks (teal, woodies, and wigeon) are in good numbers, while mallards, black ducks and blue-bills low, but increasing.

Migrations: Many teal have pushed south; however new groups of ducks and geese have been showing up daily.

Season Stage: Early.

Hunting Report: Opening weekend reports from around the western NY zone were good results, but miserable conditions.

Gossip: Many hunters were happy to get the heavy rains to fill their swamps.


Name: Steve Sullivan

Date: Oct. 26, 2016

Location: Lisbon, New York

Weather: Cooler weather has arrived. At night, 30s, low to mid-40s during the day.

Snow Cover: We got our first snow fall on the 18th. Since, 6 to 8 inches has melted.

Water Conditions: We had a very rainy weekend, which has brought the water levels up. We have had a month’s worth of rain in two days.

Feeding Conditions: corn silage has been harvested for weeks now. With earlier warmth, the alfalfa seems to be the choice. Picking corn is still standing.

Species and Numbers: Puddle ducks are showing up in great numbers. Canada geese are starting to move their way south, but still plenty of them around.

Migrations: The Canada geese have started to head more south. The ducks are arriving.

Season Stage: Duck/goose are both open.

Hunting Report: Weekend rains have made the hunting great as it has made the Ducks spread out a little more too now flooded corn fields/marshes.

Gossip:  We are headed into a cold front of 20s to 30s for lows and low 40s for a few weeks. It should push most all birds around.
Name: Robert Vellucci

Date: Oct. 25/2016

Location: Clinton, New Jersey

Weather: Temperatures have returned to seasonable after highs in the 80s last week.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Low.

Feeding Conditions: Dry field conditions are good.

Species and Numbers:  Goose numbers are about average right now.

Migrations: A few new geese seem to be showing up.

Season Stage: Early.

Hunting Report: My new baby has been keeping me on the sidelines for the most part. I have seen some early rut activity on a few deer sits.


Name: Dave Weidner

Date: Oct. 24, 2016

Location: Hamilton Square, New Jersey

Weather: Sunny and seasonal temps.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: LOW.

Feeding Conditions: Improving,

Species and Numbers: Canada geese, puddlers.

Migrations: Cold front pushed migrators down from the north and pushed a lot of teal out.

Season Stage: Early.

Hunting Report: South zone opener shot a few gaddies, but with the extreme low water it seemed also to concentrate a lot of hunters as well!


Name: Marshall Starkey

Date: Oct. 24, 2016

Location: Essex, Maryland

Weather: Seasonal fall temps this week.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Average.

Feeding Conditions: Cut corn and beans fields.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of Canada geese right now.

Migrations: They continue to make their way here.

Season Stage: None.

Hunting Report: Early duck season has closed and will open in November along with the Canada goose season.

Gossip: Happy Halloween!


Name: Sean M. Fritzges

Date: Oct. 23, 2016

Location: Abingdon, Maryland

Weather: Cool, very little rain this past week.

Water Conditions: Tide levels normal along the Chesapeake Bay.

Feeding Conditions: Corn fields and now soybean fields starting to be harvested. Winter wheat beginning to sprout.

Species and Numbers: Canada goose numbers increasing this past week as migrating birds start to arrive.

Migrations: Numbers increasing in the N. Harford area.

Season Stage: AP season closed at this time.

Hunting Report: Whitetail deer rut approaching. Waterfowlers are prepping for the coming season preparing blinds and pits.

Gossip:  Not much gossip … the rut is almost here!!


Name:  Kenny Gray

Date: Oct. 25, 2016

Location: Chestertown, Maryland

Weather: Seasonal, but in Maryland that can change in an hour.

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: Average.

Feeding Conditions: The majority of corn has been harvested and beans are probably 50 percent in our area. Cover crop has been planted and with warmer-than-normal temperatures up until this point, most cover crops have started to pop. Should be plenty of food this year.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of dark geese and wood ducks around.

Migrations: Nothing new this week, hopefully with colder weather up north more birds will start to push south.

Season Stage: Seasons are currently closed.

Hunting Report: The first split of duck season has ended and youth day is two weeks away. It’s time to chase the whitetails. The deer season has started strong and looks to be a great year.


Name: Kevin Addy

Date: Oct. 24, 2016

Location: Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Weather: Highs in the upper 50s and lows in the 30s this week.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: The rivers and ponds are still very low.

Feeding Conditions: Winter wheat, grass and corn for geese. Smartweed and acorns for ducks.

Species and Numbers: Goose numbers remain good but the duck numbers are thin. There is a variety of ducks around, but the numbers appear down.

Migrations: Canadas continue to trickle down.

Season Stage:  North zone duck remains open until Nov. 19. South zone duck closed on Oct. 22 and will re-open on Nov. 22. AP goose season opens on Nov. 15.

Hunting Report: The hunting was tough on the closer despite the wind and rain. The birds we did see decoyed well, the issue was we didn’t see that many.

Gossip: Everyone is now deer hunting or taking time to get things in order before the season opens back up.