Name:  Kevin Addy

Date:February 3, 2015

Location:Reading, PA      

Weather:Lows of single digits and highs in the 30’s again

Snow Cover: We have about 3” covering the ground with threats of more.

Water Conditions: Just about all still water is locked up.

Feeding Conditions: Snow covering the fields but not deep enough to keep the birds from getting food.

Species and Numbers:Both duck and Canada numbers are about the same. Some snows still hanging around.

Migrations:None observed.

Season Stage:  Ducks closed 1/15 and AP goose closed 1/26.

Hunting Report: Only thing open locally is snows. Lots of scouting and picking the right day is needed now.

Gossip:I’m ready for a warming trend with a snow line to the north.


Name: Mike Bard      

Date:February 3, 2015

Location:Montezuma, NY

Weather:A recent snowstorm has blanketed the area with more snow, while temps continue to remain well below freezing.

Snow Cover: Approx. 1 foot

Water Conditions: Most water is frozen over

Feeding Conditions: Poor

Species and Numbers:Very few ducks and geese remain


Season Stage:The regular season has ended

Hunting Report: None

Gossip:  None


Name:  Russell Brzezinski                       

Date:January 31st. 2015  

Location:      Southeast Michigan

Weather:      Overcast, cloudy, light snow.

Snow Cover:  3” or less

Water Conditions: All lakes and rivers are frozen

Feeding Conditions:  Hunting a large corn field

Species and Numbers:Fair number of geese in the area

Good number of resident mallards and blacks in the area and a good number of geese still present. 

Migrations:Didn’t see much migrating except some Tundra swans

Season Stage:  Late Season stage

Hunting Report: Huntingwas good to really good for geese in our special late season.  Worked well to the decoys and call.


Name:  Sean M. Fritzges

Date:1 February 2015

Location:Bel Air, MD         

Weather:Temps mild this week.

Snow Cover: Sleet and freezing rain, no snow cover at this time in Northern MD. 

Water Conditions: Bay tide levels normal.

Feeding Conditions:  Canada geese feeding in cut corn and soybean fields.

Species and Numbers:  Canada geese numbers increasing with the recent cold temps up north. Major snowfall pushing birds south.

Migrations: Large numbers of new birds in our area of north Harford Co. and increasing.

Season Stage: AP season scheduled to close 4 February

Gossip:Goose hunters preparing for the final downward slope of the AP season. It’s been a very challenging season!!


Name:  Marshall Starkey


Location:Essex, MD

Weather: A warm up is expected during the middle of the week until the weekend.

Snow Cover: None, but some expected.

Water Conditions: Some small ponds are frozen but the rivers and bay remain wide open.

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields and impoundments that have recently flooded are holding birds.

Species and Numbers:Canada goose numbers were high throughout the last week of the season.

Migrations: It seemed as though some fresh geese made their way to the upper shore for the last week of the season.

Season Stage:Wednesday marks the last day of the AP goose season. Resident goose season is open. There is a youth waterfowl day this Saturday.

Hunting Report: Saturday was one of the best goose days I have hunted in a while.

Gossip:Time to chase the resident birds in the western zone.


Name:  J David Weidner


Location:New Jersey


Snow Cover: Variable across the state

Water Conditions: Excellent

Feeding Conditions: Fair

Species and Numbers:Geese

Migrations:  None observed

Season Stage:Late season

Hunting Report:  Scouted on Sunday prior to the big game-seems the migratory geese know exactly the “Resident Zone”.  Lots of honkers in the central portions of the state – Ice coverage on many roosting ponds must have pushed a lot of snows to the Delaware Bay salt.

Gossip:  None


Name:Bryn Witmier


Location:Strausstown, PA

Weather:  Cold with snow showers at least every other day.

Snow Cover:  We have about 10 inches of snow with rain on top and then a 6-degree night.  Things are pretty hard.

Water Conditions:  Pretty tight

Feeding Conditions:  Poor.  The latest snow was heavy and wet. Then it froze solid.  Fields are pretty hard right now.

Species and Numbers:  Not much around.  Canada geese are concentrated on rivers.  Some snows around in extreme Southern PA.


Season Stage:  Over

Hunting Report:  Waiting on a warm spell and some snows to return.

Gossip:  Long range forecast doesn’t look good for melting much snow the next 10 days.