Deer Numbers Crash In Some States While Others See Mature Bucks

While deer numbers have plummeted in many parts of the US, the number of mature deer bagged by hunters has been on the increase. A recent QDMA study details the numbers and the contributing factors.
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5 Amazing Trophy Kills From 2014

A few hunters were in the right place at the right time during last fall’s hunting season. By being there and keeping their composure at the moment of truth, they reorganized the record books.
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Tag Terms

Hunting Out Of State: What Do All These Different Big-Game Tags Mean?

If you're planning to hunt out of state, you might have noticed terms like Preference Points, Bonus Points, Limited Entry Tags, Unlimited Draw, and more. What do all these big-game tag terms different?
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Plan Your Next Successful DIY Hunt NOW

How To Plan A Public-Land DIY Deer Hunt

Successful do-it-yourselfers spend a lot of off-season time researching potential new public-land hot spots. The time to begin is now.
If you want to hunt big bucks on public land next season, now's the time to start planning. Here's what you need to know.
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Realistic Expectations

Realistic Expectations For Hunting Deer On Public Land

Planning a DIY public-land deer hunt? Be realistic about you can expect to see and what you consider a "trophy buck."
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Public Land Success: How To Find The Killing Tree

Public Land Deer Hunting: How To Find The Killing Tree

Here’s how one traveling DIY bowhunter consistently fills his tags with mature bucks.
Here’s how one traveling public-land bowhunter consistently fills his tags with mature bucks.
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Secondary Home Ranges

Where'd All The Bucks Go?

Where'd your whitetail buck disappear to right before the season started? Chances are, he's run off to his secondary home range.
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5 Keys To Opening-Day Success

5 Keys To Deer Hunting On Opening Day

The buck you patterned all summer disappeared right before the opener? Don’t despair. Here’s how to solve the puzzle.
The buck you patterned all summer disappeared right before the opening day of deer season? Don’t despair. Here’s how to find him.
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Six Ways To Improve Bedding Areas For Deer

Without great bedding habitat, the bucks you have been watching might be lost to the neighbors. Follow these suggestions and you will soon have more deer bedding on your property.
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Aggressive strategies for hunting the deer rut

When bucks are chasing, sometimes the best way to get a shot is to aggressively attack them. Here’s how to make it happen.
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