Articles by Christian Lowe

Chipotle Caves To Anti-Gun Group

May 20, 2014
After a day of mounting pressure from online groups, Chipotle says it 'respectfully asks customers to not bring guns' into its burrito joints.
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PA Lawmaker Looks To Legalize Some Hunting With AR-15s

May 19, 2014
In one of the few states to ban hunting with semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15, a lawmaker has proposed an amendment to the state’s hunting regulations that would at least allow varmint hunters to use their ARs to plink pests on their land.
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Remington Relocating Some 'Freedom Group' Companies

May 16, 2014
Top arms company to shut down operations nationwide, consolidate in new Alabama factory.
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Some Politicians Cash In On AR-15 Craze

May 15, 2014
In a growing trend, the nation’s most popular semi-automatic rifle has increasingly become a marketing tool for everything from magazine sales (the print kind) to political campaigns.
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Supreme Court Rejects Concealed Carry Case

May 6, 2014
Top justices declined to consider a case that many believe would have settled the argument over whether the Second Amendment guarantees the right to carry a firearm outside the home.
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Maryland Shop Latest To Abandon ‘Smart Gun’ Sales

May 2, 2014
Engage Armament in Maryland abruptly reversed course on pledge to sell Armatix iP1 electronic handgun after Facebook backlash.
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NYC Using Trophy Cams To Nab Suspected Subway Thieves

April 28, 2014
The NYPD has deployed a series of five Bushnell Trophy Cams deep in the city’s subway system to nab would-be copper thieves.
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Study Says 'Assault Weapon' Bans Don't Work

April 10, 2014
A newly released academic study suggests states that ban so-called "assault weapons" and restrict concealed carry rights have more gun-related murders than states who do not.
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Black Rain Ordnance To Build New York Compliant AR Rifle

April 4, 2014
The New York AR-15 and AR-10 ships with a special stock, a non-threaded muzzle and a new gas block without the "evil bayonet lug."
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Poll: 53 Percent Of Voters Don't Want More Gun Control

April 1, 2014
In yet another indication that more gun laws could be a political loser, a new poll released March 31 shows a strong majority of likely voters think stricter gun control is a bad idea, the highest level of skepticism toward firearms restrictions in two years.
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