Articles by Christian Lowe

Study: Feds Say Lead Ammo Use Kills Bald Eagles

June 16, 2014
Study finds gut piles left by hunters in Upper Midwest with lead fragments are killing the U.S. national bird.
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Metallica Faces Festival Backlash Over Lead Singer’s Hunting Hobby

June 9, 2014
Anti-hunting activists recoil at front man Hetfield’s grizzly bear kills, asking Glastonbury music festival owners to remove Metallica from lineup.
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Review: Caldwell AR Mag Charger

June 9, 2014
Grand View Outdoors had a chance to take a look at the new AR Mag Charger from Caldwell Shooting Supplies and definitely liked the ease with which the new little device helps load magazines for your AR.
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Kansas Gun Dealer, Former Glock Execs Charged In Bribery Scheme

June 6, 2014
Olathe, Kansas-based gun dealer allegedly funneled more than $1 million to Glock managers for preferential treatment in pricing and government sales.
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TrackingPoint Plus Google Glass Lets Shooters Aim Around Corners

June 5, 2014
Precision Guided Firearm maker pairs wearable computer with advanced optic to do what no other scope can do.
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Poll Shows Support For Gun Bans In Restaurants, Stores

June 3, 2014
After Chipotle, Sonic and Jack in the Box open carry protests, surveys show Americans don’t want to see guns while they eat or shop.
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Weatherby Shooters Bloomquist, Pascoe Sign With New Pro Teams

May 30, 2014
In case you were looking for an excuse to become a Seattle Mariners fan or sing the Atlanta Falcons fight song on Sundays, there’s a new reason to add a couple teams to your cable lineup.
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Louisiana Hunters Using Drones To Spot Hogs For Hunts

May 29, 2014
Dubbed the “Dehogaflier,” the team of Louisiana pig hunters uses a thermal camera-wielding unmanned plane to spot groups of hogs from the air to help vector in AR-shooting marksmen for the kill.
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Report: Chicago Plans To Videotape All Firearms Sales

May 27, 2014
Leaked study shows harsh rules may be imposed by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel on gun stores who want to open in violence-wracked city.
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What You Need To Make Your Own AR-15

May 20, 2014
Many AR shooters are taking a do-it-yourself approach on gun builds. Here’s how to stock up for the growing trend.
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