Articles by Christian Lowe

Best Gear For A Prairie Dog Shoot

July 19, 2014
Beyond the rifle and ammo, certain gear can make a day of shooting prairie dogs a lot more enjoyable.
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Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Youth-Themed Firearms

July 17, 2014
New legislation would forbid guns in kid-friendly colors and mandate warning labels.
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Daniel Defense Says DPMS Violated Copyright

July 15, 2014
Rifle maker claims its “Lighter, Stronger, Better” slogan was ripped off by rival, causing confusion with potential customers.
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Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act Dies In Senate

July 11, 2014
Majority leader Harry Reid bars gun rights amendments in move seen as protecting vulnerable Democrats.
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Semi-Auto Prairie Dog Hunting

July 7, 2014
Let's head out to south-central Wyoming to shoot the heck out of some prairie dogs with Smith & Wesson's newest AR rifles.
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Chicago Council Passes Ordinance Banning Gun Stores From Most Of City

June 26, 2014
New restrictions on retailers require employee fingerprinting, videotaping gun sales and special training to spot "straw purchasers."
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Hillary Clinton Says Gun Owners 'Terrorize' Americans

June 18, 2014
Democratic frontrunner for 2016 presidential nod takes hard line on gun rights.
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Voters Don't Think Bloomberg Gun Control Will Stop Violence

June 17, 2014
Former director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns says distrust in government leads many to believe new regulations on gun purchases are ineffective.
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Study: Feds Say Lead Ammo Use Kills Bald Eagles

June 16, 2014
Study finds gut piles left by hunters in Upper Midwest with lead fragments are killing the U.S. national bird.
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Metallica Faces Festival Backlash Over Lead Singer’s Hunting Hobby

June 9, 2014
Anti-hunting activists recoil at front man Hetfield’s grizzly bear kills, asking Glastonbury music festival owners to remove Metallica from lineup.
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