Articles by Scott Linden

Achieve Better Hunting Dog Performance With Vocal Rewards

May 30, 2014
To a young dog torn between primitive passion and desire to please you, a word of praise may mean all the difference.
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Good Shoes Go A Long Way Toward Hunting Success

May 27, 2014
Sore feet, even subtle aches and pains, will shorten your day afield, inhibit your shooting, and possibly injure you so badly you won’t want to get back out again the next day.
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Tips To See Better When Shotgunning

May 23, 2014
Whether you are or aren’t cross-dominant, try to keep both eyes open. Shotgunning is a pointing skill, not an aiming skill.
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You’ll Shoot More Birds If You’re Stealthy

May 19, 2014
Game birds may not be as spooky as whitetails (sharptailed grouse might get close), but they are still very cognizant of predators and the sounds they make.
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When To Feed Your Hunting Dog

May 13, 2014
Just as important as what you feed is when you feed your hunting partner. There are simple mechanical reasons not to feed your dog the morning of a hunt.
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Find Your Way Back After Bird Hunting

May 8, 2014
While a GPS can be a lifesaver, map and compass skills will bail you out when batteries, weather, memory and wits fail.
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Why Do We Hunt Birds And Play With Dogs?

April 29, 2014
Hunter and dog are a team linked by DNA, a modern version of a prehistoric wolf pack coursing the uplands for sustenance – literal and emotional.
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VIDEO: How To Use Food To Train Your Hunting Dog

April 21, 2014
Scott Linden explains why and how he uses food to train his hunting dogs.
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Keep Your Pointing Dog Steady

April 16, 2014
Obscuring your dog’s view of the action might encourage him to move so he can watch the proceedings when you want him to stand still.
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Honorable Bird Hunters Dispatch With Grace

April 12, 2014
It is kind and humane to dispatch your quarry as quickly as possible. Honor your birds and our sport with a little attention to this important detail.
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