Learn To Speak The Language Of Hunting Dog Games

July 24, 2014
Thinking about playing some of the dog games? Field trial, hunt test, NSTRA or NAHRA, each has its merits. These terms will help you fit in a bit faster.
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VIDEO: Train Your Hunting Dog One Skill At A Time

July 21, 2014
Dog training is an important task for both the hunter and the dog. Here a few tips to make mastery a little easier.
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Proper Head And Eye Technique Will Make You A Better Shotgunner

July 17, 2014
Bird hunting is a lot easier when you understand and practice the fundamentals of shooting.
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Three First Aid Tips For Your Hunting Dog

July 12, 2014
He may not go blind, but your hunting dog will not perform at his best, if at all, when something lodges in his eye.
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How To Build The Right Kind Of Campfire

July 8, 2014
Building a campfire that doesn’t smoke, lights quickly, and burns a long time is not difficult, if you start with the right ingredients and a little fundamental knowledge.
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Hunting Advice From An Experienced Hunter

July 5, 2014
Advice comes from many places if your an sportsman. Here are some of Scott Linden's favorite tips.
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Don't Be A Slob Hunter

June 25, 2014
Those empties are no longer plastic and brass. They are an embarrassment to sportsmen.
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Shoot Where You Step And Kill More Birds

June 20, 2014
If you’re flushing the bird yourself save that last step and make it in the direction you anticipate the bird flying.
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Hunting Dog Questions And Answers

June 16, 2014
Scott Linden answers readers' questions on numerous hunting dog topics.
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Test Your Knowledge On These Hunting Dog Terms

June 6, 2014
Sportsmen have shorthand for everything. Bird hunters have even more. Here's a refresher on popular hunting dog terms.
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