Articles by Darren Warner

I Can See (And Hear) You Now!

Scientific Facts About How Deer See And Hear

Understanding how a deer’s eyes and ears work will go a long way toward helping you keep from getting busted.
We know deer have a great sense of smell. But what about their sight and hearing? Knowing how a buck sees and hears you can help you stay hidden.
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How To Ambush Shell-Shocked Bucks

How To Ambush Pressured Deer

You must think outside the box to penetrate a heavily hunted buck’s defense mechanisms.
Bucks that face heavy hunting pressure don't usually leave — they hunker down and figure out how to hide under your nose without letting you see them. Here's how you can ambush these pressured deer.
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Whitetail Urinalysis

Does Human Urine Scare Deer?

Is human urine a whitetail attractant, or does it terrify deer? Here’s what the research says.
If you pee off your treestand, are you more likely to attract deer or scare them away?
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