Articles by Brad Fenson

Knight Rifles Freedom Series Disc Extreme

Muzzleloader Review: Knight Rifles Freedom Series Disc Extreme

The Freedom Series offers the same quality Knight Rifles fans love and expect — all at a very affordable price.
July 12, 2014
Knight Rifles' Freedom series of muzzleloaders offers quality and accuracy at an affordable price.
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Muzzleloader Review: Traditions Vortek LDR

June 3, 2014
A unique 30-inch chrome-moly barrel helps this new ultralight muzzleloader maximize the performance of full magnum propellant charges.
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Muzzleloader Review: LHR Sporting Arms Redemption Rifle

October 30, 2013
This new company has hit it out of the park with a muzzleloader that is simple to operate, extremely accurate, and easy to clean.
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2013 Muzzleloaders: Technology rules the day

June 26, 2013
These four muzzleloader manufacturers are offering some of the most technologically advanced black powder rifles of all time.
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Muzzleloader Review: Traditions Vortek UltraLight

June 3, 2013
Super lightweight and offering extra safety features, this muzzleloader is a still-hunter’s dream. And it comes at a bargain price!
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Knight Mountaineer Rifle

May 29, 2013
This made-in-America muzzleloader comes with an accuracy guarantee to rival many centerfire rifles. How can you beat that?
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Reviewed: Connecticut Valley Arms' ACCURA V2 muzzleloader

March 27, 2013
The second generation of the ACCURA is accurate, reliable, easy to clean and affordable.
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