Articles by Jarrod Spilger

Shotgun Choke Tubes Waterfowlers Should Know

June 25, 2014
There's a wide world of waterfowl-specific choke tubes out there beyond improved cylinder, modified and full.
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Shotgun Review: Franchi Intensity

May 12, 2014
The Franchi Intensity is one of the best values on the market if you're looking for a 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge inertia-operated semi-automatic shotgun.
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Super magnum shotguns — do you need one?

March 18, 2014
Super magnum shotguns are all the rage, but does a 3/12-inch shell really make enough difference to make up for the recoil?
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Shotgunning: Super fast loads

November 27, 2013
The recent trend in waterfowl loads seems to adhere to a mantra of “faster is better.” But is that really true?
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Shotguns: Browning Maxus vs. Browning A5

November 25, 2013
How Browning’s two newest semi-autos stack up against each other.
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Top 10 items for your waterfowl bag this season

October 29, 2013
Here are 10 things every waterfowl hunter should consider trying out this season.
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Review: Legacy Sports Shotguns

July 12, 2013
A close look at Legacy Sports’ rugged and affordable Escort line of shotguns.
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Gun review: Benelli Super Vinci vs. Super Black Eagle II

June 24, 2013
How Benelli’s two most popular semi-auto shotguns stack up against each other.
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Six tips for late season turkey hunting success

May 9, 2013
Still trying to bag a bird this season? Here''s a few quick tricks to help put a turkey in your freezer.
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Review: TriStar Shotguns

April 16, 2013
Itching for a new duck-hunting shotgun, but can’t afford to break the bank? TriStar offers some excellent imported options.
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