Articles by Derrek Sigler

Honkers, Sticks And Strings

June 8, 2012
Taking geese with archery gear can open your hunting up.
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Scout Like A Pro For Results

April 24, 2012
Trying to hunt ducks without doing your homework first is a losing game.
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Ducks after the freeze

April 12, 2012
Despite the dropping temperatures, duck hunting can still be hot!
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Golf-Course Geese

December 23, 2011
Golf-course goose hunting is all fun and games until you hit a golfer in the head with a dead goose.
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Making The Right Call On Layout Blinds

November 22, 2011
There is a great deal of preparation and practice that going into using a layout blind effectively if you plan to be successful in the field. That planning should start before you even buy one.
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