Articles by Derrek Sigler

Finding A Lost Bird: The Wild Goose Chase

May 20, 2014
No one likes to talk about the birds they couldn't recover, but the best you can do is make every effort — even under the worst circumstances.
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How To Set The Right Spread For Goose Hunting

May 14, 2014
Quality decoys matter in goose hunting, but setting them up in the right way and the right shape is important, too.
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The perfect slug gun

November 29, 2013
Find the right combo of gun and ammo for slug-gun success this deer season.
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Spring and summer weather can ruin a fall hunt

July 28, 2013
Be prepared to work harder if Mother Nature affects your season.
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Prepping your layout blind for duck season

June 26, 2013
Buying a layout blind is only the first step. Now comes the fun part — adding DIY camouflage to keep it hidden from birds.
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The Truth About Quality Deer Management

August 25, 2012
Quality Deer Management can produce bigger bucks on your property, but it has to be done right — and it’s not easy.
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Goose Hunting: Redemption

August 25, 2012
When everything should go right but doesn’t, how do you get geese to change their minds and come toward your decoy spread?
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What Makes A Good Deer Rifle?

August 22, 2012
Here’s what you really need in a deer rifle — and some of the common misconceptions about deer guns.
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The Makings Of A New Waterfowler

July 20, 2012
Introducing a new person to your sport should be done with patience, effort and a good dose of humility.
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Small Honeyhole Food Plots

June 12, 2012
Small food plots are easier to manage than you think
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