Articles by Tom Austin

Tom Austin takes a coyote with EOTech's one millionth sight

June 25, 2013
Not many will get to see EOTech''s one millionth holographic site. Even fewer will bag a coyote with it mounted up.
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Partner Up to Kill More Predators

January 19, 2012
We all enjoy the glory of a successful solo-predator stand, but tag teaming wary coyotes can mean even more success.
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Howling Good Time

January 17, 2012
Using hand calls to howl for coyotes is something that everyone should experience. Check out these videos.
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Hunting Coyotes with the Stealth Approach

June 22, 2011
It takes planning, practice, and some good old fashioned woodsman skills to sneak that close to a coyote without his awareness.
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Coyote Body Language

June 8, 2011
Let the coyote tell you what its next move is.
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Predator Hunting Outside Your Comfort Zone

May 25, 2011
Don’t quit just because the conditions aren’t ideal.
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Organizing Your Predator Hunting Gear

May 18, 2011
A predator vest might be the added accessory to your arsenal that helps put more fur on the ground.
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Double Trouble: Shotgun and Rifle

May 4, 2011
Swing the predator-hunting odds in your favor by carrying a shotgun and a rifle to every stand.
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Deadly Predator Decoy Combination

April 6, 2011
A well-designed, well-placed decoy can give callers an added advantage on stand, drawing your targeted species nearer and keeping them there longer, unaware of your presence.
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