Articles by Keith Sutton

The Duck-Stamp Dog

December 19, 2011
The amazing story of King Buck, a champion retriever and the only dog ever featured on a federal duck stamp.
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Turn A Hunk Of Deer Meat Into A Gourmet Meal

December 19, 2011
Gourmands agree: it’s hard to find meat tastier than properly prepared wild venison.
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Mud-Puddle Ducks

November 17, 2011
It was just a wet spot in a harvested bean field, but it was the perfect place to kill a few ducks.
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Duck-Stamp Trivia

November 8, 2011
How much do you know about duck stamps?
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The Satisfaction Of Eating What You Kill

November 3, 2011
People who buy their meat at the store wrapped in plastic don’t understand why getting your hands bloody is an important part of the life-death-food cycle, and it doesn’t make you a sicko.
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Whitetail Pearls? No, Just Madstones

November 1, 2011
In the stomachs of some deer, you can find unusual “stones” once said to be capable of curing rabies and snakebite.
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Beat The Crowds For Better Deer Hunting

October 27, 2011
Going the extra mile can increase the likelihood of success when hunting heavily pressured whitetails.
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The Great Armistice Day Storm of 1940

October 4, 2011
In the annals of waterfowling, no event has ever possessed the measure of tragedy possessed by the blizzard of 1940.
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Passport To Private-Land Deer Hunting

September 22, 2011
How to win friends, influence people and get access to hunting land.
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Deer Heart Recipes

September 20, 2011
Next time you kill a deer, save the heart. It’s delicious, we promise.
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