Articles by Jack Young

Binoculars For Western Hunting

July 20, 2011
Setting your sights on game out West requires quality, rugged, high-powered glass. Here’s why.
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Small Game Bowhunting

June 27, 2011
Some of bowhunting’s biggest challenges come in smaller game packages.
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Bowfishing Equipment Essentials

June 20, 2011
What you need in bowfishing clothing, sunglasses, bow, reel, arrows, and safety for serious summertime fun.
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First Aid 101

June 1, 2011
A life may depend on quick action. Know what to do in a medical emergency.
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Stalking Velvet-Antlered Muleys

May 27, 2011
Good optics, smart glassing, patience, and common sense are the recipe for a successful early-season mule deer stalk.
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Waterhole Pronghorn 101

May 27, 2011
A productive watering site, a top-notch blind, and the right timing make the difference.
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Making Sense Of Scents

May 25, 2011
Choose the right kind of scent and technique to attract and stop a buck in his tracks.
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Don’t Get Lost While Hunting

May 2, 2011
Steps you can take to keep yourself on the path and away from a life-threatening situation.
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Plan Your Western Elk Hunt

March 30, 2011
Every season more serious bowhunters make the pilgrimage West in search of North America’s most majestic big-game animal, the Rocky Mountain elk.
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Bowhunting Southwest Javelina

March 25, 2011
Javelina provide year-round fun in temperate climates.
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