Articles by Bill Vaznis

Five Still-Hunting Locations For The Peak Of The Rut

Where to set up to get a shot at your next buck.
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Rerouting Deer Trails For The Perfect Ambush

Nowhere to set your treestand next to a whitetail hotspot? Then re-route that hot game trail!
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Overlooked Whitetail Bedding Areas

Bowhunters know the typical woodland whitetail hidey holes. But farms and highways offer deer more options, ones that you may not have considered.
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Animal Scents And Lures

Best scents to use at pre-rut, peak rut, and post rut for maximum success.
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Deer Love Golden Highways

Deer like to travel in depressions behind goldenrod where they remain hidden—unless you know to look.
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Late-Season Deer Hunting Tactics

Shooting a buck in the late season can be tough. We asked three of the country’s leading bowhunters their secrets to success in the late season.
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