Articles by Rick Combs

Bow Report: Mathews Monster Chill

In comparison with most previous Monster bows, the Chill sacrifices about 10 to 20 feet per second in speed to gain a smoother draw cycle and make for quieter, more forgiving shooting.
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Advanced tools for building arrows

Beyond the basic tools and instructions, these “extras” go a long way toward building the arrows right for you.
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Bow Report: Elite "Hunter"

Elite boasts that its bows are extremely quiet, in addition to being “dead-in-the-hand,” and our objective tests indicate that the Hunter is, in fact, a very quiet bow.
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Bow Report: PSE "X-Force DNA"

PSE touts its new flagship bow as “…entirely different, all the way down to its DNA.”
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Fletching Revisited—Part 1

Understand how different fletching styles and materials interact with bow accessories to make the right equipment choices for your setup.
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