Articles by Rick Combs

Keep Your Blades And Broadheads Sharp

June 17, 2014
For putting a good edge on a broadhead, or for resharpening a knife out in the bush, the most basic option you have is the classic whetstone.
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Arrowed a gobbler? Stay put!

February 12, 2014
Patience is the key to recovering a bow-shot turkey. Here's why.
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Bow Report: Hoyt Charger

November 15, 2013
A casual glance at the Charger hanging on a rack would not distinguish it from most of Hoyt’s other offerings, including the popular Spyder series bows.
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Bow Report: Oneida Kestrel

November 1, 2013
There is no denying that the design and overall appearance of Oneida bows are radically different from more conventional compound bows. Many shooters like it, some find it off-putting.
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Bow Report: Strother "Wrath SHO"

June 17, 2013
The original Wrath was introduced last year; for this year Strother’s designers set out to make the Wrath both faster and smoother shooting.
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Bow Report: Mathews "Creed"

June 12, 2013
Mathews touts the 2013 Creed as the “… smoothest drawing high-energy single cam ever created.”
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Bow Report: Prime "Impact"

June 7, 2013
Prime’s Impact is the faster of two 2013 Prime models sharing the new PCX Cam, an updated version of Prime’s Parallel Cam Technology.
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Bow Report: Darton DS-3800

June 4, 2013
The “DS” is an acronym for DualSync, a reference to Darton’s hybrid cam system. The original Pro 3800 featured the same basic design, but the name was changed to DS-3800 presumably to highlight that design.
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Bow Report: BOWTECH "Experience"

June 4, 2013
For 2013 BowTech’s designers, in response to input from customers, backed off the throttle and designed what BOWTECH touts as “the smoothest drawing, quietest shooting, most forgiving bow” they have made to date.
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Bow Report: Diamond "Core"

April 4, 2013
Being neither the least nor most expensive bow in the Diamond line-up makes the Core sort of a value bow among value bows.
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