Articles by Hilary Dyer

Does Your Shotgun Really Fit?

Off-the-shelf shotguns are made to fit a hunter who’s about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. Get more than a few inches above or below those parameters, though, and you’re going to need your gun specially fitted.
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How the Whitetail Journal Staff Keeps Warm

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or stock up on the latest battery-operated gadgets (though they’re pretty cool) in order to avoid freezing. Here’s how the staff of Whitetail Journal keeps warm on long sits in frigid weather.
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Mixed-Bag Duck Hunting in the Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Flyway is home to the longest migration route of any in the Western Hemisphere. Follow it for some awesome waterfowl hunting.
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Field Test: Digital Game Cameras

If you haven’t jumped on the digital trail-cam bandwagon yet, well, we don’t know what you’re waiting for. Here are a few great options in the trail-cam world.
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SHOT Show: New Waterfowl Guns

The 2010 Shot Show is a waterfowler''s paradise, with every shotgun manufacturer imaginable showing off their new wares for 2010. There''s a lot to look at in pumps, semis and over/unders, so read on.
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Camo for Women: Your Options for Serious Hunting

When it comes to hunting clothes, women have more options today than ever. Check out some of the latest just-for-women garments you’ll want to try out on stand this fall.
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