Articles by Hilary Dyer

"Mystery Animal" In New York City Finally Identified

June 27, 2014
A "furry and odd-looking" critter has been spotted running around the Bronx, and it's taken residents months to figure out what it is.
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VIDEO: Man Delivers Fawn With Pocketknife

May 21, 2014
A Minnesota driver on his way home from church watches as a doe is hit by a car, then delivers a fawn via roadside c-section with his pocketknife.
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Girls Gone Turkey Hunting

May 20, 2014
A turkey hunt in Kentucky turns into one of the greatest girls nights out of the year.
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Father's Day Gift Idea: Camouflage Man-Candles?

May 16, 2014
Father's Day is approaching. What Dad wouldn't want his living room to smell like camouflage and beer?
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VIDEO: Wolf Pack Picks A Fight With Moose And Her Calf

May 13, 2014
Watch as a pack of wolves executes a strategically coordinated hunt against a cow moose and her calf.
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Woman Attacked By Duck Sues Owner For $275,000

April 28, 2014
A woman is claiming personal injury and pain and suffering after an attack by a neighbor's pet duck.
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Mossberg Partners With Red Jacket Firearms

April 23, 2014
Red Jacket Firearms, famous for its reality TV series Sons of Guns, has signed an agreement with Mossberg to develop a branded series of shotguns and rifles.
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Kansas geese over water

March 18, 2014
Hunting Canada geese over water in Kansas is not your typical waterfowling.
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A taxidermy idea for your child's first deer

February 25, 2014
Looking for a way to display your kid’s first "trophy?" Try tanning the deer tail for display.
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Tradition reborn: calling ducks with Sure-Shot's Cowboy Fernandez

January 27, 2014
The inventor of the original double-reed duck call takes the lessons of the past into a bright future with Sure-Shot Game Calls.
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