Articles by Jim Chapman

Airguns Are A Great Choice For Small Game

If you’re looking for a small-game airgun without the worry of filling extra tanks and bottles, then check out these spring-piston airguns.
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Pigeon Hunting With An Airgun

I recently hunted plains game on a friend’s farm in the Makana District of South Africa. We took a little time to take care of some pest, too.
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Hunting Jackrabbits With Airguns

For a real challenge, leave the traditional rifle at home and try hunting jackrabbits with an airgun.
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The Airgun Hunting Day Pack – Gear Guide

When preparing for a hunting trip, I start by considering the quarry I’m after and the shooting conditions likely to be encountered. Here''s my list.
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Quality Optics for Airguns

There are many hunting applications for airguns: shooting pest species in low light at close ranges, small-game hunting in heavy woods or desert scrub, long range varmint shooting. Each of these places different demands on a scope.
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