Articles by Jim Casada

Those Were the Days

When you’ve gathered decoys in the darkness of the season’s last day, turn to these pages for some armchair adventure.
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The Vanishing Art Of Stalking And Still-Hunting

Get out of your stand and test your mettle against wary whitetails the old-fashioned way.
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Wood Duck Hunting

Hardwood wetlands, farm ponds, small creeks and rivers comprise the preferred habitat of wood ducks. Here’s three basic ways to hunt them.
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Otters: An Overlooked Predator

Often depicted as cute cuddly forest critters, otters can have a devastating impact on local fish populations when left unchecked.
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Hunting Tactics for Resident Geese

Some of the same approaches that have long been standard for migratory geese work perfectly well with their domestic cousins as well.
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