Articles by Dr. Dave Samuel

Holding Bucks on Small Properties

August 18, 2012
When you have limited acreage to work with, the key to holding bucks is to stay out.
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Chronic Wasting Disease Is Not Going Away

July 13, 2012
The scariest thing about chronic wasting disease is how much we still don’t know.
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When Do Deer Drop Their Antlers?

January 2, 2012
Shed hunters have long known that different deer drop their antlers at different times, depending on a number of factors.
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Blind Spots

December 7, 2011
When a tree stand just won’t work, ground blinds can keep you hidden and give you a great advantage. Here’s how to pick a good one and use it effectively.
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When Bucks Go Nocturnal: Or DO They?

November 15, 2011
When a buck you’ve been seeing all summer suddenly drops out of sight only to reappear at the end of the season, has he gone nocturnal? Or did he just move out of the area for a while?
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Will Quality Deer Management Work For You?

October 25, 2011
QDM success stories abound, but so do disaster stories of “it just didn’t work for us.” Take our tips to make sure your program is done right.
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Does The Full Moon Affect Deer Feeding?

April 25, 2011
We know that deer see differently than humans do, but can they see in the dark?
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Does Camouflage Really Keep You Hidden?

April 14, 2011
Camo clothing is big business these days, but is it really necessary or even useful?
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Coues Deer Of The Desert

April 4, 2011
Some of the greatest extreme whitetail hunts can be found south of the border, hunting the Coues deer of Mexico and the Southwest.
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Starting a Whitetail Cooperative

February 28, 2011
With many hunters only having small tracts of land to hunt, the chance to successfully manage a deer herd is almost none. Hunting cooperatives can increase those chances of harvesting mature whitetails.
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