Articles by Dr. Dave Samuel

The Science Behind Whitetail Buck Excursions

Ever see a particular buck you are hunting way, way out of his home range? Here's what we know about buck excursions.
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Coyotes: The Winter Predator

Coyotes Vs. Deer: The Predation Effect

What effect do rising coyote populations have on deer herds?
Do coyotes eat a lot of deer? If you could remove coyotes from an area, would deer numbers go up?
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Don’t Get In A Rut

What To Do If The Deer Stop Showing Up? Move!

Not seeing any deer? Maybe you're stuck in a rut.
Ever utter the phrase "the deer just aren't here like they used to be?" Maybe it's true, but maybe you need to move on from the stand locations you've used for too many years.
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Every Little Bit Helps

New Data On Whitetails That Can Improve Your Hunting

Here are a few new studies that might shed light on one aspect of your hunting — and could lead to more questions, more answers and more good days in the field.
Researchers now have better data on where whitetail bucks disappear to during the rut, whether does really are more vigilant than bucks, and how to treat acorn trees to maximize the food they provide for deer.
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Will Stocking Big Bucks Improve Antler Size?

Stocking Big Bucks In The Wild: Will It Work?

If you took monster bucks from a game farm and released them into the wild, hoping to improve the genetics of the herd, what are the odds for success?
Can you take big bucks from a deer farm and release them into the wild, improving the genetics of your herd?
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Are The Biggest Antlers Farther North?

As a general rule, whitetail deer in Northern locations have larger bodies than deer in the South. But can the same be said about antler size?
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Where to hunt the biggest deer

Out-of-state deer hunters need to know where to go to find the biggest whitetail bucks.
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Understanding and fooling a deer's sense of smell

You don’t need us to tell you that a deer’s sense of smell is its primary defense. But what exactly makes a deer’s nose so good?
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The changing world of whitetails

With concerns about eating venison, issues with CWD and arguments about antler restrictions, deer hunting has changed since Grandpa’s day.
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Managing Deer Diseases: EHD and CWD

Is there anything hunters can do to protect the herd from disease?
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