Articles by Mark Olis

Predator Xtreme Winter Coyote Hunting Q&A with Jon Paul Moody

November 7, 2011
PX talks with Two-time World Predator Calling Champion Jon Paul Moody.
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A .223 For Whitetails

July 18, 2011
Pick a favorite deer caliber and you’ll find plenty of bone chasers to debate it, but take a stand for the .223 as a viable deer cartridge and you’ll find your back against the wall.
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Online Elk Hunt Practice

May 9, 2011
This Adrenaline-pumping game recreates a live hunt to help sharpen your skills during the off-season.
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Gulf Coast Fishing

April 20, 2011
Check out these videos of the hot fishing action going on at the Alabama Gulf Coast!
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Topp Archer Randy Oitker

April 18, 2011
Archer Randy Oitker featured on Topps Baseball Cards.
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Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

April 13, 2011
Turkey-hunting guide Terry Knight of Lifetime Hunts in Macon, Miss., has some simple and effective tips for spring turkey hunters.
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How It's Made: Turkey Mouth Call

April 11, 2011
Ever wonder how your favorite turkey call is made? Check out this video Mark Olis filmed on a recent trip to Mississippi.
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Lessons From A Turkey Hunting Guide

April 6, 2011
Our author spent three days with a seasoned turkey guide in the gobbler-rich habitat of Noxubee County, Miss. If you’d like to step up your springtime success, try the same.
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Deer Hunter’s Reference Guide

January 13, 2011
A new reference guide puts more than a half century of deer-hunting knowledge in the palm of your hand.
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Shotgun Shooting Lesson

October 27, 2010
This shotgun shooting lesson will perfect your shotgun mount by building muscle memory and making your gun mount part of your subconscious.
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