Republican Candidate Shoots Obamacare, Draws Fire From Jon Stewart

April 14, 2014
Republican candidate for Alabama District 6, Will Brooke, recently launched an ad campaign where he literally tries to shoot holes through Obamacare. Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” verbally fires back at Brooke.
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CMMG Launches New AR Pistols

April 10, 2014
AR manufacturer CMMG listened to its customers and recently launched a pair of AR pistols chambered in 300 BLK and 9mm.
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Tracking Point Releases New Video On Smart AR

April 9, 2014
You’ve probably read about the new Smart AR by Tracking Point — The 500 Series AR — now check out a new video showing how the technology actually works. Coyotes don’t stand a chance!
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Steyr Arms Expands Operations In Alabama

April 8, 2014
Alabama again benefits from firearms’ manufacturers in its state. Steyr Arms, manufacturer of high-end firearms, expanded its operation in the Birmingham area.
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Deer Habitat Improvement: Hinge Cutting

April 3, 2014
Hinge cutting is a quick, inexpensive and relatively easy way to improve deer bedding and browsing habitat on your hunting property.
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VIDEO: Planting Chestnut Trees For Deer

April 2, 2014
Bob Wallace from Chestnut Hill Outdoors shows us how to properly plant and care for Chestnut trees.
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Hunting With A Suppressor Soon To Be Legal In Georgia

March 26, 2014
With HB 60 sitting on the Governor’s desk, suppressor hunting will soon be legal in Georgia. This is just the most recent advancement in the legal use of hunting suppressed and the momentum continues nationwide.
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Borrowed Acres: Planting native browse for deer

February 12, 2014
Southern Habitats visits Borrowed Acres to help establish high-protein native browse for deer.
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VIDEO: What you need to know when hanging treestands

October 16, 2013
Stand location, shooting lanes, equipment, safety and more. Get some great tips on hanging treestands at your hunting property.
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VIDEO: Wild hog hunting with dogs in south Alabama

May 6, 2013
Predator Xtreme Cartoonist Tim Davis had been wanting to hunt hogs with dogs for a long time. Well, Predator Xtreme and joined forces and made it happen. Watch as Tim gets his first hog with a knife.
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