Howling Calls for Coyote Hunting

Howlers can be powerful tools in any predator hunter''s call arsenal, but understanding and using them correctly is essential before heading into the field.
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Predator Hunting with Decoys

Today''s predator hunters have a lot of choices in decoys and calls. Turn the last 100 yards into a vision too enticing to resist, and you’ll get a lot more fur in the truck.
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Overlooked Coyote Stands for Success

These easily overlooked stands might turn out to be your honey hole.
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Sharpen Your Shooting Skills by Crow Hunting

Crow hunting is fast and exciting, and a great way to brush up on your wing-shooting skills.
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9 Easy Tactics to Predator Hunting Success

Simply walking into the hills and blowing on a predator call is a recipe for failure. Here are nine basics to success that can be employed at any time, on any animal that falls into the category of predator.
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Spring Predators: Ethical or Not?

When the temperature rises and the coyote have young, should you be hunting?
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