Articles by Bob Robb

Xtreme Fear

Buck Fever: Will We Ever Get Used To It?

Buck fever hits all hunters when a deer walks into view. But the shakes and adrenaline rush aren't necessarily a bad thing.
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Bowhunting Question: What Exactly Is "Arrow Spine?"

The term arrow spine is thrown around a lot, but do you know what it actually means and how it affects your hunting bow and arrows?
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Ruger American Rifle

Rifle Review: Ruger American Rifle

The latest hunting rifle from one of America’s iconic firearms manufacturers has everything a serious hunter needs — at a price everyone can afford.
Ruger's American Rifle has everything a serious hunter needs at an affordable price.
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Michael Waddell's Bone Collector Team Chooses Scent-Lok As New Clothing Partner

Hitting store shelves in the spring of 2015, the Bone Collector clothing line will feature products designed for any season and any condition.
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Deer News: Triplet Fawns, Blood-Trailing Aid And More Bowhunters

Whitetail Journal brings you bits and blurbs from around the whitetail world: Are triplet fawns common, Connecticut reports more successful bowhunters than gun hunters for the first time ever.
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Lisa Brunner's Wisconsin Whopper Buck

Wisconsin hunter Lisa Brunner finally arrowed a monster whitetail buck she'd been watching for several seasons.
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Deer Glands: What Do They All Do?

Whitetail bucks have seven different scent glands that could be important to you as a hunter. Do you know where they are and what they do?
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How Much “Juice” Do You Need for Bears?

How much kinetic energy (K.E.) do you really need to kill a black bear? That's a question many bowhunters need to know.
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Rocky’s Sam Bowman Is Hooked On Hunting

A new hunter joins the fold when his job with Rocky lands him in the middle of the action.
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6 Whitetail Hunting "Fast Facts"

Does the full moon really effect deer movement? Get the answer to this and other deer hunting tidbits.
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