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Carmen Mountain Whitetails

Why You Should Head To Mexico To Hunt Carmen Mountain Whitetails

A cutting-edge hunt in northern Mexico produces one of the most successful and exciting deer hunts the author has ever been on.
Carmen Mountain whitetails offer one heck of a challenging deer hunt for hunters looking to go south of the border.
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Q&A With Vista Outdoor CEO Mark DeYoung

What does the formation of a huge new company made up of 30 top brands in the outdoor and shooting sports market mean for you?
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It’s Never Boaring, Hogs Are Everywhere

Wild pigs have been reported in at least 45 states, with populations now existing as far north as Michigan, North Dakota and Oregon, though the real population hubs occur in the south: the Smoky Mountain region, Texas and coastal and central California as well as the Hawaiian islands.
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Late Deer Season Magic

Simple in objective but complex in execution, a bitter-weather late-season whitetail hunt can warm the heart.
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Shooting Suppressed

Bob Robb travels to Utah to shoot beyond 1,000 yards using suppressed rifles. Find out the details of how suppressors helped his shooting.
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Exclusive: Field Test New Federal Trophy Copper Muzzleloader Bullets

A late November trip to big buck-rich central Illinois was the ideal place to field test the all-new Federal Premium Trophy Copper Muzzleloader Bullets with B.O.R. Lock MZ System.
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Laser Rangefinders For Hunting: How Far Is That, Anyway?

You're probably not as good at estimating distance as you think. You should definitely practice that skill, but a laser rangefinder is an essential tool for getting the yardage right.
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Whitetail Decoying Tips For Dummies

If you’ve never tried decoying rutting whitetail bucks, you’re missing out on one of the game’s deadliest tactics.
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10 Solutions For Rut-Hunting Problems

The deer rut is supposed to be "easy," right? Well, it doesn't always go as planned. Here are 10 solutions to hunting problems you might run into during the whitetail rut.
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Rules? What Rules?

When To Break The Deer-Hunting Rules

Deer-hunting conventional wisdom exists for a reason, but sometimes you have to break the "stay in your stand" rule to make something happen.
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