Articles by Steve Bartylla

Advanced Stand Hunting Strategies—Part 1

June 3, 2011
The whitetail’s “second rut” and how to bowhunt it successfully.
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Planning Your Food Plot for Killer Results

March 26, 2011
Simply throwing some seed down does not make a food plot. If you want action, you must take action and do it right.
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Hunting Watering Holes in Warm Weather

November 15, 2010
Hunting in-woods watering holes is one of the most overlooked rut tactics. A mature buck pushing his body hard during the breeding phase needs water, and even moreso when the mercury rises.
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Pattern Big Bucks with Topo Maps

October 25, 2010
Lines on a map may be your line to some serious results in the whitetail woods.
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Making Deer Beds

October 5, 2010
Just as we can affect feeding locations with food plots and more desirable native forages, surprisingly we can also have an affect on bedding locations.
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Deer Management from Differing Angles

September 30, 2010
When talking deer management, QDMA has drilled several concepts into our heads. Here are a few.
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Creating Deer Funnels by Altering Fences

September 29, 2010
Deer often travel significant distances to cross at the easiest point in a fence. For hunters, this is an advantage.
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Find Hot Rut Stands On Opening Week

August 11, 2010
Early-season doe sightings combined with some detective work can lead you to some of the hottest hunting of the year when the rut kicks in.
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Stacking The Odds For Early Deer Success

July 21, 2010
Having problems tagging an early season buck? These proven tactics can make the difference.
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Off-Season: Public Land Planning

June 21, 2010
Think you have no chance to kill a huge buck on heavily hunted public ground? Think again.
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