Articles by Mark Kayser

Watch For Coyotes During Turkey Season

April 23, 2012
However, there’s a bonus roaming out there in the turkey woods and every turkey hunter who predator hunts should keep their eyes open.
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Spring Cleaning For Predator Hunters

April 20, 2012
Now is the time to pull all your gear out to clean, inspect, and store it until next hunting season.
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Calling All Bears

April 17, 2012
As more and more individuals add their two cents into wildlife management, fewer and fewer opportunities exist for hunting black bears in traditional manners.
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Call, Prepare, And Hunt Multiple Predators

October 19, 2011
As predator populations expand across North America you never know who might show up on your predator calling setup.
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Coyote Hunting Tactics for Open Country

July 28, 2011
Hunting wide-open country isn’t a gimmee. As far as you can see, they can see. Here are the super-stealth secrets of a pro.
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Cull Coyotes For Better Deer Hunting

May 24, 2011
Can culling coyotes on your deer lease help the herd? Lots of factors affect the answer.
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What’s The Perfect Buck-To-Doe Ratio?

May 23, 2011
When it comes to deer management, a one-to-one match-up is not necessarily the best thing going for either your herd, or your hunting.
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Practice Patience and Persistence to Kill More Predators

April 29, 2011
It pays to break the 15-minute rule when hunting coyotes and other predators.
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10 Ways to Kill More Coyotes

January 11, 2011
If you want to increase your coyote count this season you might have to alter your hunting style. Add these strategies to your techniques and your coyote count will rise.
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Summertime Chores: Create Your Own Funnels

June 3, 2010
By creating your own deer pathways, you will encourage reclusive bucks to walk past your stand instead of staying out of sight.
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