Articles by Mark Kayser

Catlike Moves For Bobcats

July 26, 2012
This elusive, yet widespread feline has been bringing in big bucks for nicely spotted northern pelts.
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Warring With Wolves

July 23, 2012
The legal battles over hunting wolves seem to be a thing of the past, at least for now.
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Calling Mountain Lions

July 13, 2012
Adaptable, mountains lions inhabit a variety of environments including deserts, mountains, foothills and rain forests, plus suburbia.
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Summer, Sunscreen, And Calling Coyotes

June 22, 2012
If you don’t mind the heat, bugs and humidity, summer coyotes can be as challenging and rewarding.
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Woodchuck Wars, A Challenging Hunt Between Seasons

June 4, 2012
Shots can vary, but 200 yards is probably the norm. You’ll need to be sneaky and make one-shot kills.
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Varmint Hunting—Don't Ignore The Small Stuff

May 29, 2012
Engage a variety of rodent targets with the .17 and .22 if you really want to challenge your shooting skills at a reduced cost.
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Springtime Deer Management—Shoot Coyotes Now!

May 4, 2012
It won’t be long before fawns begin dropping and as soon as they do, coyotes will change their diet to include as many of the spotted deer as possible.
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Watch For Coyotes During Turkey Season

April 23, 2012
However, there’s a bonus roaming out there in the turkey woods and every turkey hunter who predator hunts should keep their eyes open.
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Spring Cleaning For Predator Hunters

April 20, 2012
Now is the time to pull all your gear out to clean, inspect, and store it until next hunting season.
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Calling All Bears

April 17, 2012
As more and more individuals add their two cents into wildlife management, fewer and fewer opportunities exist for hunting black bears in traditional manners.
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