Articles by Mark Kayser

VIDEO: Build your own shooting sticks

February 27, 2014
Follow these steps to an economical set of shooting sticks.
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Unconventional tactics for late-winter coyotes

February 21, 2014
If you still hope to tag a coyote or two before the end of winter you may want to try an off-the-wall strategy or step outside of the box. Here are a few to mull over.
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Can you hunt midday for predators?

February 18, 2014
Mark Kayser wonders why coyotes on a recent hunt were more responsive at midday over the morning period?
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5 tips to help you take more coyotes

January 26, 2014
Fur prices are expected to be good again this year and the weather forecast for China, the largest fur consumer market, is projected to be cold. Mark Kayser offers tips to get in on the action.
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Stay alert when using coyote decoys

December 22, 2013
If you want to spice up your predator hunting this fur season, give decoys a try.
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Mange can take a toll coyote populations

November 25, 2013
Some areas have slight outbreaks and others have all-out epidemics of the illness. Worse yet, if your dog comes into contact with another infected canine, it could spread depending on the mange variety.
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Deer hunting in warm weather

November 22, 2013
Global warming keeping things too warm in your area? Deer hunting in unusually hot weather doesn’t have to be unproductive.
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Hunting moose with NASCAR's Clint Bowyer and wolves show up

November 11, 2013
If you are hunting in area where multiple species are in season, it is a good idea to have all your permits.
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Wolves invade the hunt

October 15, 2013
Wolves haven’t been lying low in my northern homeland of Wyoming and I saw firsthand evidence of it during a recent backcountry archery elk hunt.
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How to outsmart a mature coyote

September 21, 2013
Mature coyotes are a different animal than the pups and yearling coyotes you normally shoot.
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